Sunday, January 10, 2010

Injured Lulu !

Getting downstairs at 9:45 a.m. to eat something after hearing the birds of my stomach Pipping !
Tomorrow is my Bio-chemistry mid-year exam so I'm today in my disgusting manner….
While I was frying an egg , I heard lulu meowing in not distinguishable manner ! I thought she was hungry so I fed her what I see near me , bread and cheese (triangular-high quality rich with vitamin D and calcium):D

…. she didn't shut down , I got suspicious!

At 1:00 pm also got down stairs again to cook rice with maraca (I'll illustrate it in another post) ,
My little sister came home from school and told me while entering the kitchen's door , **** … hurry up lulu is injured !
I got outside to see what has happened , and saw her legs were injured badly with a disgusting bloody knee joints !
I hurried to get some antiseptic and cotton to sterilize the wound , wore cloves to touch her _freely_ and some medical sticks to keep the wound sterilized.
I faced difficulty in catching her coz she was hurting so much … I gently touch her and rub her with my cloves covered palms and she astonishingly deliver herself to my treatment .. so finally I put that sticks on her joints and she took them off licking the site of injury later .. I got inside to get a piece of meat and throw it to her to eat … I felt she was praying for me ! gosh what a nice feeling !
p.s … treating an animal is so difficult coz you can't tell it what to do by speaking .. as a result I saw it's better for me to give her a paracetamol to lessen her ache and hopefully that will help me to control her ! but anyway lulu was my first patient ! :)
Pray for her to get well soon and for me to do well tomorrow with my exams,please~
See ya!

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  1. I hope Lulu is okay, but more so, wish you well in your exams.

    Kind regards.


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