Wednesday, March 11, 2009

what makes you cherish your life?(updated)

what makes you cherish your life ??!! Is it your waking up by an explosion? Or your one step  away from death by ALSO an explosion??!!

The floor- as I remember flew from its place … the windows went outside their sites  and then returned again!!! I don't know how the hell that happened???

The people were walking and just didn't know what they were doing actually!! They tried to call their dear people but the damn mobile network was off at that time !! ..

Let's return to my first question, "what makes you cherish your life??"

Is it seeing people burning because of that so-called explosion and the doctors in the ER were just trying to turn off their dead burned bodies !!!!!!!!

Is it seeing the American soldiers at the site of explosion( before it ) and then when it happened  , they had  simply disappeared !!!as nothing has happend!!

Alright .. alright !! when you see and hear  such explosion you'll certainly learn how to cherish your life!


other Q ,

is it seeing the american soliders exploding a door of a house at 7:00 am saying " fire in the hole", and then the iraqi soliders entered the house and the FIRST ones just waited outside!!- i don't know if the iraqis were their human shield!- after the door was off its site the childern went out the house crying and not knowing what the damn is happening!! , i can hear their voices now in my ears!!!

you know what? ... you must cherich your life every single moment  just because you don't live in Iraq.. and thank your God thousand of times that you have a soul and that soul is still in your body !!!



  1. Oh my God Violet...I am very worried about you now. You have been absent for such a long time and now this is happening??

    Where did the explosion occur?

  2. C.H..
    the causesw of my absence is :
    1- i'm very busy with studying
    2- i'm not feeling the mood of blogging... i see no advantage in it..
    3- i'm passing through very tough times.. and don't ask what those times.. cause i won't answer..
    the explosion occur yesterday.. they happen every day lol, since i was born .. i was born in the war lol and my ears used to hear explosions and my eyes feel nothing when see dead people!!!

  3. Well I am truly sorry no one should have to wake up to bombs going off and live with war. You deserve to wake up hearing the birds chirping and seeing the beautiful sun shining through your window, not soldiers or dead bodies.

  4. i am so sorry. it doesn't feel very good to be living safely when i know the cause of iraqis constant strife is a result of my country.

    what makes me cherish my life? knowing all around the world there are people in solidarity w/goodness with their eyes open. knowing, just knowing we are out there. the goodness of mankind and hearts such as yours.

    i am sorry for your suffering dear one. it isn't fair.

  5. San Antonio Cicily,
    hhhhhhhh, what birds??!! they have left Iraq since along long time.. and instead of them there are helicopters now!
    i appreciate your being sorry, but sorrow doesn't do any work unfortunately...
    do you know what does hurt me ? it s seeing the kids OF IRAQ are now suffering what i have suffered!

  6. but sorrow doesn't do any work unfortunately...

    i know. the very worst is the youth who have had to grow up w/this horrible agenda of violence and division forced apon you. pray there won't come a day when you have forgotten what it was like to live in relative peace. i suppose this is the point of calling it the 'long war', as if we are supposed to accept the entire retooling of middle east society. there are some grand schemers playing dice w/iraqs future. it frustrated the h*ll out of me. i think about you sometimes day in and day out and dream of you at night. i guess that is why i am here, just to hear your voice and remind myself there are real people in iraq suffering thru all this madness while here at home all they tell us is how much better everything is since the 'surge'.

    i won't get too political on you as it threatens to stir up the comment section in ways that isn't helpful, but believe thoughts on all this and how and why it came about..i have no illusions.

    my prayers are with you. don't stop blogging and don't give up hope. you are iraqs future. you don't live in the cradle of civilization for no reason. if i could do something besides be sorry i would, but we don't really live in a democracy here in america, we are being massively manipulated. (google chas freeman for a little dose of current events). we are all tools over here.

  7. Oh, give me a break Annie. America is "not really" a democracy? I would love to hear what you think really is a democracy. Chavez style socialism? Putin's Russia? Maybe you even believe that Saddam Hussein's 1-man election in 2002 was the will of the people.

    What hope are you bringing Iraqis when you tell them that the success they have accomplished in the last several years isn't real? People like you deny the success of the surge, the awakening councils, and the power of the Iraqi Security Forces for your own selfish reasons--probably because you just can't stand the idea of saying "hey, maybe Bush did the right thing by holding out".

    One more thing. You should talk to some Iraqis who lived or still live in southern Iraq. Ask them if they lived in "relative peace" whem Saddam's goons burned down their holiest of cities and buried their friends and relatives in mass graves.

  8. annie,
    thanks for your praying..
    if you want my honest opinion i will tell that the world is a toy and the players are invisible!
    I hate talking about politics and politicians themselves! and i won't agree that my blog to be talking about it...
    any way every one has his style to live and this can be said to a people of a country...
    and by the way if you don't see that annie's opinions are right.. who has told you i don't agree with her?!

  9. No one has, Violet. I don't agree with her, that's all I said. I don't want your blog to become a political battleground either, but I am NOT going to sit back and let a ridiculous comment like "America is not really a democracy" and "we are all tools here" go unanswered.

    And seeing as I have friends who live in exile because of Saddam Hussein, I find it insulting when she says that he brought "relative peace" to Iraq. It breaks my heart when I hear people say that iron-fisted dictatorship and/or a bloody theocracy is merely "Middle Eastern society", as if the people of the Middle East aren't worthy of making their own decisions. People in the Arab world have so much potential, and dictatorship and extremism is what has held them back in extreme poverty and violence.

  10. C.H,
    with my respect to your opinion and those of all have commented here including me:D, but Iraq had enough for the sake of God! and those silly words of politicians can't do any thing... what a democracy can do when you see a dead child???!!!what the hell it can do when you see a man with an opened head lays on the ground with his brain spread on it???!!! what it can do at the time of wars and killing??? i heard someday in a movie was about the royal regime in England in the 18's some one said the democracy is nothing but a silly Creek word!..
    you who live out of Iraq imagine that hearing news means knowing what is really happens.. dear, no one knows but allah and who really seeing what's happing.

  11. Violet,

    I do not know what is happening..I only have the words of Iraqis like you and others I have had the honor of meeting.

    All those things you mentioned, democracy can do a lot. You can speak out and tell people about it and let the world know what needs to be done to make Iraq a better place.

    Democracy gives people a voice, like your blog. Today, the world is well aware of what is happening in Iraq because of the freedom of speech that the Iraqi people have. The good part is that it calls people to action to try and help.

    Let me mention the situation in Afghanistan, if you may allow me. There has always been extreme violence against women in that country, but during the 1990's, when the Taliban was in charge, the rest of the world knew very little about what was happening. After the Taliban fell from power, more rights began to emerge for women--and today that is being threatened as the Taliban tries to make resurgence.

    But this time, they will not succeed, because the power of democracy has given Afghanistan's citizens the strength to tell the world about what it was like for them under the Taliban, and aid workers from all over the world are risking their lives today to help Afghan women build clinics, schools, and work places so that they can have the equality and justice they deserve.

    America isn't perfect either. I can't imagine how many Americans must have doubted democracy during the Civil War in the 1800's.

  12. spare me the blatherings of a pro occupier/invasionist expounding on who does and does not believe in the people of the Middle East being worthy of making their own decisions.

    CH, sorry, i simply do not find you worth my time to debate, and this is not the format. if i run into you elsewhere i may engage you but we are in polite company here. i suggest you reread Violet's post for this is more real than anything you are going to hear from the think tanks designed to pump out narratives for our consumption.

  13. Have hope and faith dear Violet. I know that I'm blessed enough to have gotten out, but I have family there and my heart begins to dissolve when I hear what happens. To be Iraqi, means to suffer, but to be Iraqi also means to be strong. I'd like to remind you of the begining of the last verse in Baqara: لَا يُكَلِّفُ اللّٰهُ نَفْسًا اِلَّا وُسْعَهَا (The holy Quran 2:286). This verse reaches to my heart when I feel like life is unfair. Your burden, Iraq's burden, may seem great but with Allah's help, you will get through it inshallah because he will not overburden you.

  14. I know i'm wasting my precious time talking about something that can't be solved by talking but i can't read comments and stand with no word.i ask the commenters here resspect other's ones as I do.. altough i don't agree with all of them.

    If democracy really gives me freedom and voice, why don't i blog with my real name?? or simply say what i study??..
    anyway the freedom that you're talking about hasn't feed any hungry Iraqi, i think Iraqi people eat rice and meat not words... to me since i have come to this damn life -and i'm sure that there wasn't electricity- i see the situation here are changing from bad to worse!..
    you know what?i have reached a level that i don't care but about Iraqis and Iraq coz these are enough for me:D.

    my post says what i have really seen, and i'm sure there are Iraqis even have seen worse.
    you're really blessed dear! and i always remember this verse : ان الله مع الصابرين

  15. Violet,

    I don't know where you have heard this, but democracy is a lot more than just "words". You have even talked about it yourself and maybe you don't notice it.

    You remember that post where you showed us your really nice cell phone? That technology comes from the free world. And while things are in a terrible state right now, the fact that you, along with many other Iraqis, are blogging right now is a miracle. In time, using your real name will be a possibility and then you will truly feel proud of the work you do :D

    Any freedom loving person in the world was surely moved to tears on January 31st when the Iraqi people showed everyone they had triumphed over the forces of despotism, terrorism, and extremism and voted all across the country.

  16. C.H,
    I have understood it not heard it...
    i speak freely here- although i don't feel that i have my full freedom in my blog- just bcoz not too many people know who am I... may be I speak with that so-called democracy and I don't know :D.
    BTW, I wonder why each of your comments has more than one copy?

  17. LOL, sorry about that Violet. It is this commenting system, I have a hard time with it :D

    Your layout is awesome but I like the old comments better ;)

  18. Miss Violet,
    All i can do for you is hope and pray you are okay, and spend your time cherishing every minute. Like moonlight said, stay strong, and don't forget about all you love, and all who love you. I know Politics has left no happiness in your childhood, and I cannot blame you. Next time an explosion happens, just try to forget about it, because life is too short.
    Take care,
    your friend from baghdad

  19. C.H,
    I see this system is better.

    Dear, thanks for your comment, me also can't do anything but praying, no one can lol! ... forget about it ?! if i haven't you wouldn't see me commenting right now:D.

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  21. Дамы и Господа!!!

    Если вы интересуетесь немного политикой, то должны были заметить - эти неожиданные волнения в странах Африки
    возникли неспроста.

    Есть 2 версии этих событий - "официальная" и "неофициальная", и обе версии скорее уводят в сторону от реальных фактов.
    [b]Версия 1:[/b] Каддафи - тиран и самодержец, стрелял в мирных граждан, поэтому его надо бы убрать.
    [b]Версия 2:[/b] на самом деле Европе с Америкой захотелось немного Ливийской нефти, и они решили навести небольшой "дебош"

    Рассмотрим версию 1.
    Да, Каддафи уже тот ещё старик, ему конечно пора бы и на пенсию. Но известно ли вам, что конкретно в Ливии
    народ имеет весьма высокие преференции при его правлении? Учителя получают под $3.000, выплаты безработным
    порядка $1000 и так далее. Да, он стал укрощать группки взбунтовавшихся бедуинов, но кто-нибудь понимает
    реальные причины этих бунтов?
    Эта версия не выдерживает никакой критики.

    Версия 2.
    Нефть Ливии? Да, она отличается высоким качеством, Ливийская нефть очень чистая. Но её там не так много.
    Да и к тому же, зачем тогда будоражить Египет и прочие африканские государства, которые весь прошлый
    год вообще никого не тревожили и не волновали?! А тут вдруг - "тираны", "изверги" и т.п.

    Да, эта ситуация дополнительно подогрела цены на нефть. Отдельным корпорациям это выгодно.

    Но истина короче.
    Каддафи не так давно начал объединять ближневосточные страны под идеей перейти на расчёт
    за нефть и товары НЕ долларами, НЕ евро, а альтернативой всему этому. И Египет - одна из стран,
    которая это поддержала...

    Подробнее - здесь:

    Однако в популярных СМИ это никогда не скажут.

    P.S. У Саддама Хусейна, кстати, тоже были такие начинания. Вообще, после кризиса ооочень многие
    страны стали задумываться об ИЗБАВЛЕНИИ ОТ ЗАВИСИМОСТИ ОТ ДОЛЛАРА. Рано или поздно
    это произойдёт. ФРС уже некуда понижать ставки.

    Распространите это где сможете. Люди должны знать правду.

    Кстати, это тоже по теме: Военная операция Запада в Ливии, бомбардировки, Военная операция Запада в Ливии, Американские, Великобритания отчиталась об уничтожении ливийских ВВС, Каддафи, Великобритания примет участие в военной операции в Ливии, резиденции


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