Thursday, November 27, 2008


Before several days I was very sick with flu (except that flu which I have mentioned in my last post) , it was from very bad type – in Intestines, I spent that Thursday just being  in bed and taking medicines.. I was really in very bad condition
After being in college for nearly a month , I have begun to get used to it . in spite of hating  to chemistry class. I used to like chemistry  in school ,but not at the level of physics I really loved and still love physics. Even in my private class last year the teacher of physics was very good man and that what had made me love physics more and more.
Do you believe it?! Someday he was asking a question no one at that time could answer it except me , hahaha , I answered it with a high spirit and said the answer with a high trust in self . he said to me " very good Violet, you will be someone special in the future", I became  very proud of myself at that time; firstly because he doesn't say such thing but rarely and secondly because it was really a smart question. My cheeks became really really really RED . even he noticed that on my face hahaha
In college I'm doing well I thank Allah , but I'm really confused and feeling so lost .. but if you want the truth I want to be so special and make myself proud of my self .
That doesn't mean I don't like or envy the smart students with me but my nature is to be special all my life. Even I started to make friends here. Some of girls here are very nice. Some of them from other cities  , it's a great thing to meet new people , right?.
Since I'm very busy with my studies I 'm not listening  to my favorite music since a long time. I really miss the symphonies of Beethoven . I'm very fascinated with this man's mind. He was a deaf but he was at the same time the greatest musician at that time and till now , his symphonies drift  me   and  transfer me to another world. Especially the 9th and the 7th symphony, and please if  anyone know a web site where  downloads of  his symphonies are available  ; let me know it.
It has been a long time since the last time I watched  T.V. ; and  It has been more than a month since I watched my favorite T.V show "Prison Break "…. I miss it!!!
It was a great pleasure to me to write this post and get back to blogging ... so finally  please accept my regards ,
Miss Violet. 


  1. Greetings,

    I've added you to the Iraq Blog Count. I apologize for not doing that earlier, (in my defense, you could've e-mailed me.)


  2. Greeting to you too Abbas,
    There is no need to apologize at all.. the most important thing that you have added me :)

  3. this is my first visit to your blog, violet, and this is my first message.

    Regarding your question on Beethoven, there are many sites you can download full work of this great music-master. check this BBC 3 link, it will take you to other sites where you might be able to download. there is another link HERE . Of course it depends on the tool you are using for download too.

    By the way, check Debussy works, if you don't him, he is famous for his "Claire de Lune" tone.

  4. First of all,
    الحمدلله على السلامة

    Prison break is really well-made series. It is so brilliant and you can't predict what is going to happen.One of showtime's channel is showing the third season,I guess, but I do not feel like following it.
    Actually, I need to listen to some music. I am a bit depressed nowadays and symphonies might be of a help. :)

  5. Hey there, Congrats to you for answering that big question even though i am curious to know what it was exactly ?! :D

    about loving Beethoven, have you ever heard about Mozart, he was blind but thats didnt inhibit him to do such great symphones, scientists found out that his Syhphneys are good to active the human mind

    Anyway, Both are great, click for this link to download Beethovens 9th syphoney and this link to download his 7th syphoney

    about prison break, its one of my fave too, what makes it great to me is that its hardly to predict its events, and what comes next is way better than events before..
    seems it will be kolish long comment, so i have to stop and wishing you good luck in ur study and watch out your health :D

  6. MixMax.. thank u very much for telling me about the "Clair de lune" it's a fantastic tone .. but so pity that your links that have added don't work .. but thank u very much anyway:)

  7. Thank u Bookish.. a person must listen to music from time to time to make himself relaxed ... but why you are depressed??? please take it easy and relax .. that really made me feel depressed too :)
    الدنيا ما تسوى

  8. WOW " road to inner me"...
    Thank You very very very much..
    it really means a lot to me to find such websites and thank u for your nice comment:)
    I just like Beethoven cuz i find myself in his symphonies.. i don't know why actually ... but that doesn't mean i don't like other great musician like Mozart .. Beethoven was a musician in spite of being deaf and Mozart was a musician in spite of being Blind.. really great men!!! they deserve to stay famous till this time and forever..

  9. Hahahaha

    Actually, I am depressed no more. The rain and your words have really made my day.

  10. I am sorry to hear that, Miss Violet, I will find you more and post them for you.

  11. Thank you very much MixMAx ,it's so nice to do so :)

  12. Hi again, this is a link that will work if you have a torrent client

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  14. Thank U more than very much MixMax :)

  15. Violet,

    You are is always great to meet new people. I'm very happy you are still taking the time to come online and tell you readers about your day, even though you are so busy, haha.

    I'm breathing a sigh of relief, because my college semester is almost over :D I get out just before Christmas time, on December 21st.

    Its good to see you are enjoying your college classes. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

  16. Thank You s.much C.H.,
    I'll be happy to continue blogging:)


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