Thursday, November 19, 2009


wow, have I been so late to be here???
I'm  so sorry ,but i have been extermly BUSY, too many things up and more down !
it's a transmision period between childhood and adulthood , all those 19 years i was a baby and now at 20th i'm an adult !
My "this year" birthday was so special ! it's the first time i celebrate it without my family _haven't i say i'm adult now?!_after some days a freind of mine surprised me with a fantastic news , he has just had a baby sister and he named her as my name .... she has born nearly at the same day of mine , her name is the same and i feel part of me is there born with her.... i'm waiting seeing her as my own baby !
i can say i have changed too many ones i have known without my consciousness  , by one way or another i have changed some body ,,,, yes i can say so!
my dream to be a doctor grows every day as my other baby , knowing persons closely and realize how great they are what makes me still love life !
i went today with group of my colleuges to guide the Brand new medical students who have just arrived to college , it's not my first experience so i had no difficulty with that.....
every thing this year is different , me .. myself is different from head to toe ____________this is what can i say for now
see ya!


  1. Dear Dr. Viola,

    Happy Birthday!

    I wish you many things:

    A. Success in your study
    B. Happiness in your life
    C. Peace in your city and in our beloved country

    Also, I hope that ALLAH will give you enough money to buy a nice house and a nice car.

    I hope I arrived before him.


  2. Hi Dr. Viola-

    I've really loved reading your blog and am glad you came back on your birthday. I was wondering if you had heard anything about Ayad Jamal Aldin and his Ahrar Party. I'm beginning to read more about him and I like that, while he is Shi'i, he preaches inclusion for all of Iraq. Have you heard much about him?

  3. هاااااااااا من هنا؟؟
    يمعودة.. ها وين .. شلونج؟؟ أخبارج؟؟
    من الجميل أنه نسمع عنج هالأخبار الحلوة.. أهم شي نفسيتج مرتاحة ومتفائلة وكل عام وإنتي بخير..

  4. Hello Violet,

    Happy birthday and Eid Mubarak.Glad to see that you're still alive :)

    - BP

  5. happy birthday violet. how wonderful the child was named after you.

    thinking of you dear one.

  6. Happy Birthday =)

    girl, where are you??
    i always check on your blog for updates, i was afraid somethng had happened to you =(

    Take care,, and Eid Mubarrak
    wa 3o8bal 100 sana ya Raab =)


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