Friday, August 03, 2012

some cooking :)

Here is a part of what I've done this day :) 
Cream Caramel: 

*What we need ? 

2 cups and a half cow milk 

4 eggs 

This brown color  this is sruck on it  even after cleaning *_*
Don't worry :P


3/4 cup sugar 

Magic go !: 

- I stirred the 4 eggs in the machine till they become creamy like this : 

-Add the sugar and continuo stirring .
-add  Vanilla  , Milk

-Mean while prepare the pan with some sugar in the bottom like this :

-Preheat the oven 
-While the eggs are beaten fry the sugar till it turns brown , like this : 

-boil some water and put it in a pan larger than the first one 
-pour the creamy mixture in the pan 
-pour the boiled water in the larger pan 
-And they 'll sound like this : 

-put it in the oven for 10 minutes then keep the heat under the pan only 
-keep in for 20 minutes after .
- get it out of the oven , for a while till it cools down , put in the refg. 
- pour the semi solid mixture on a Chinese plate  
-Then it'll look like this : ) 

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