Tuesday, May 05, 2009

what for?

Have you asked your self for a once why we do exams ??? are they for making us distressed or dipressed? or just to test our calmness and control of our selves ' or they are for testing our knowledge ???? 
any way, my day was too long starting with not attending the physics lab and instead going to Anatomy lab  for doing review for MY BIG ANATOMY PRACTICAL EXAM ( doesn't this phrase remind you of some movie?:D) i kept there all the day 3ani ( it means) from 8:00 Am to 10:00 went then to cafetria for EATING!!! and having SOME REST NOT TOO MUCH! okay , then return to  that damned lab!!! and continued there without attending the chemistry lecture... It's tough exam believe me!!! we have studied  three parts of the body - till now- : Upper , Lower extremity   and Thorax... my God help me!!!  , all i want is to obtain 5/10 not more than this; please !!!! :
then went at 1:00 PM to do the chemistry practical exam !! to return home at 2:50 PM!
oh i forgot to tell you about mom an d dad! there are home now !!! and i wont tell you how was my feeling when i saw mom coz it can't be explained!!!! 


  1. walla mu sihee heechi viol.
    Inshallah itfoot ib suhoola, wa najaah.

    Deer balich ala nafsich wa relaaax!

  2. Oh my God, you just reminded me of the school days and all the exams I had during college, the worst thing for all of us was the French literature exams, the teacher was oh my God she is very good be like angry monster.
    take it easy, you will miss these days when you will graduate..

    take care

  3. I've always went crazy during exams and hated it. But somehow I started to like exams and hated it when the class decides to postpone it or something like that. I reached certain peace from within that exams are good and they it's only a means to test my knowledge and I shouldn't worry about.

    And that's how I ended up in the geeks group of the family and started to prepare for my exams a weeks earlier.

    All the best for you :)

  4. Touta,
    I can't breathe!!! I spent along time today in the anatomy lab from 9:30 to 1:30!!! with out taking any rest and fogaha i have an allergy!!! allah bas ma edhe3 ta3bi !!!

  5. Micho,
    How are you dear?
    Yes.. i will miss them but after 6 years !! :D
    take care you ,too:)

  6. attawie,
    First of all i guess this is your first visit to my blog ;so i would like to welcome you :)
    Thanks for your comment and All the best for you, too :)

  7. Not first visit but I guess first comment. I liked you blog and I hope I'll be able read it more often. Thank you

    btw, beautiful colours. My favorite :)

  8. libsee kinaa mithal mal grendizer mal hadeed, alamoud il allergy ma it thowjich.:P
    schlon mu hababeen, allah yisaadich. :)
    Inshallah ma itrooh ta3bich. :D Lo asoweelhum mushkila! :))

  9. Many many times I've asked myself the same question and now as my own exams come closer I ask myself at least 10 times day. But ya Violet, everything is a test in life even taking a test is an exam in and of itself (if that makes any sense). Inshallah you will do well on your exams, you're a smart girl and you study hard, you'll not only do well in the exam but you'll do well in all exams in life Inshallah.

    Now just like Touta said walla mu sihee heechi. Take a deep breath, say Bismillah and show the world that you can do it :).

    And 7amdilla 3a salaama to your parents.

  10. good luck on ur test
    note of advice: try to take videos with ur mobile of urslf or one of ur friends while explaining the parts of upper exremity or the thorax so then u can watch them when u come home..
    that's what i used to do in my anatomy lab final last year
    good luck and inshallah u'll do gr8

  11. You asked for prayers so I'm not only praying for you to get success in all your exams but also I asked everybody to do the same.

    May Allah make your exam experiences so easy which means in Iraqi terminology Basitah jedan and in prayers terms Bardan Wa Salaman.

  12. attawie,
    dear,you are welcome any time, wa 3l ras :D ...
    yes, I like violet it's one of my fave colors

  13. touta,
    hhhhhhhhhh, you are some one special touti!
    i did pretty zeft in the exam by the way :D

  14. moon light,
    thanks sweetie for your sweet comment :):)
    inshallah you'll do pretty well in your exams :)

  15. monalisa,
    thanks for your comment:)
    i have TOO MANY videos :) la tiwaseen harees :D

  16. Khalid ,
    thanks for your first visit, and thanks for your prayers :)
    May allah bless you:)

  17. violet,
    Mu zifit! I'm praying for you, witha zifit, awal shee itee maltich il mudarseen tharba (yistahloon),
    wa aham shee, ako huwaay wakit itghayreen il daraja.
    Fa relax, wa
    انشالله تعبج مي ذيع



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