Wednesday, August 08, 2012

My Gyne Exam

I was remembering a couple of days how was my OSCE in Gyne ! Beeing very nervous , the Stethoscope fell from my hand on the ground , thermometer was broken , the Stethoscope had a bubble in its mercury cloumn , I wonder how this hospital works !! My patient was asleep , after C.S , So I was a frank annoying bug.. she had relatives with her *_* , and they are from one of Mosul townships .. they were talking , gagling , eating , chating , gosipping !! OMG I told them with shaking tone ,to lessen thier voice because i was having an exam , the senior left me with them returing after 30 min to exam- me ! Finally I made a horrible mistake , I examined the pt from the left , OMG .. But the senior knows me very well , and knows how I was active in her sessions :) Oh I was nearly forget , after exam I had a special things happened to me , It's soo nice that I can't speak about ;)

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