Violet's Policy

ery glad to have you here in my world, It's just a huge pleasure for me to have a chance to welcome you ! 
But being here as well has has its own rights and obligations,
"Violet For Peace", is more than a diary it's a world by itself, feel free to comment and enjoy your time here, I would be so glad to have you :)

 raq is my country, Islam is my religion and I'm proud of it. That doesn't mean by any way  I don't respect  others thoughts.

on't forget, here the respect is a commitment to all human beings. So any insults to any personal or global idea or religious belief are forbidden. Forgive me to ignore and delete  "without warning" such a comment of yours if it has overridden what I mentioned above.Moreover, Feel free to act here as a soul, I can say that I'm not interested to know who you are  personally ...  But commenting here as "anonymous" makes me as well a  little bit conservative.

 very significant point that  talking about politics here is favored "not to be done"  , please pay attention to this point. "Violet for peace"  is not a political blog ,  I've  left this job to others who care about these things which  not interest me :)  

ometimes, posts here sounded a kind of personal , or emotional, I ask your highness to read only and share thoughts without making noise .. as you know one of the most important rules here is to commit to calmness   :) 

*Be safe and reopen this page from time to time to be updated ,please :)