Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Long passionate Journey

Hi , 

You have definitely bet, I have gone through difficult times after ISIS conquer of Mosul City. Well... Fortunately, I've not seen any of them live and was obliged to leave the city at the same date of the invasion. 
I've gone through tough, exquisite difficult times since then, I have had to wait many months in order to graduate, to work in Baghdad away from family, and to be lost among cities and faces. 

Baghdad has added to me a tremendous amount of experiences and skills, I've learned how to contact people appropriately, deal with problems more efficiently, depend on myself more responsibly and foremost to love more passionately. 

I had to leave many people, more accurately, many people had to leave me, I have become that kind of person who is like a sparrow; free-spirited, sincere more often, and ready for love even more. 

I felt in love with my extremely supernatural friend, who resembles me in a frightful-lovable way, just imagine 2 doctors who have nearly the same height, wandering in the hospital wards harmonically; checking patients, distributing medicines, attending Doctor ward, eating, drinking, studying altogether.

It was completely out of my control, it could make me have that strange feeling inside my stomach, It was not that vulgar type of love which causes palpitations, it was kind of love that gives rise to a heart attack! 

I had to travel on my own, spending on my behalf from my own money.
I found many friends and met many people who either inspired me or made the hell out of me.
This is all for today, hopefully, I can tell you more, later. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Have you missed me ?

Oh, my God, I can't believe I could finally access my account !!
You must have forgotten me by now ... I miss posting here so much, I tried to access this account million times with no benefit, I forgot anything related to it, Today by a miracle IT HAPPENED!
I tried blogging somewhere else but something weird dragged me here! 
I would like to tell you that, I am now a Doctor, As you used to know me as medical student :P 
I am now engaged to my lovely man "S" ... OMG I have many things to say ... for now wish me best :) 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

After 1000 year

I won't say , it has been along time , Becoz it stupidly has been ...
Each time I come here , I feel the little girl first started blogging here .. me ,
This place is really heaven to me ,
my closed book , that no one can see ....

Friday, August 10, 2012


I've recently get involved in some charity composed of all medical students and other respectable people , We had an activity , a couple of days ago we cooked at our own homes some deserts and pastries and we presented them as doctors to some little angelic children recumbent in hospital , Some astonishing expression appeared on the faces of child's families and relatives as a reflections to this gesture of hope :) I can't express my happiness of being there all that time , Knowing new friends and sharing heavenly moments with them ... I'm planning to add a bottom in my blog FOR DONATION FOR CHILDREN OF IRAQ by some way or another , I totally trust my sources and know very well the money goes to people who really need it ,, Any one have an Idea how ?

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

My Gyne Exam

I was remembering a couple of days how was my OSCE in Gyne ! Beeing very nervous , the Stethoscope fell from my hand on the ground , thermometer was broken , the Stethoscope had a bubble in its mercury cloumn , I wonder how this hospital works !! My patient was asleep , after C.S , So I was a frank annoying bug.. she had relatives with her *_* , and they are from one of Mosul townships .. they were talking , gagling , eating , chating , gosipping !! OMG I told them with shaking tone ,to lessen thier voice because i was having an exam , the senior left me with them returing after 30 min to exam- me ! Finally I made a horrible mistake , I examined the pt from the left , OMG .. But the senior knows me very well , and knows how I was active in her sessions :) Oh I was nearly forget , after exam I had a special things happened to me , It's soo nice that I can't speak about ;)

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Banana Caramel !

Today's recipe is :
Banana Caramel !
*we need:
1- 4 table spoon powerder milk
2-4 table spoon powdered corn starch
3- 4 table spoon sugar
4-4 cup of water
5- Bescuit
6-  2 banana
7- - 2 eggs ( the albumin )  - COVERNING
Pre heat the oven
1- place the biscuit and the slices chuped banana in a pyrex plate

2- mix 1,2,3,4
3- heat on a low  temp  till it becomes like custard
4- pour the hot mixture on the banana and biscuit
5- leave it cools down
6- stir the albumin till it becomes like a white milky cream add powdered sugar as you like
7- put this on a first mixture and heat in the oven till the creamy albumin becomes goldy like this

8- keep in the refg. And eat on :)

Friday, August 03, 2012

some cooking :)

Here is a part of what I've done this day :) 
Cream Caramel: 

*What we need ? 

2 cups and a half cow milk 

4 eggs 

This brown color  this is sruck on it  even after cleaning *_*
Don't worry :P


3/4 cup sugar 

Magic go !: 

- I stirred the 4 eggs in the machine till they become creamy like this : 

-Add the sugar and continuo stirring .
-add  Vanilla  , Milk

-Mean while prepare the pan with some sugar in the bottom like this :

-Preheat the oven 
-While the eggs are beaten fry the sugar till it turns brown , like this : 

-boil some water and put it in a pan larger than the first one 
-pour the creamy mixture in the pan 
-pour the boiled water in the larger pan 
-And they 'll sound like this : 

-put it in the oven for 10 minutes then keep the heat under the pan only 
-keep in for 20 minutes after .
- get it out of the oven , for a while till it cools down , put in the refg. 
- pour the semi solid mixture on a Chinese plate  
-Then it'll look like this : ) 

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Why Women Live longer ?

Symbols and history

I'm Very Interested in the history and symbols ,so when both of them meet in the same place ,
No , Forgive !
I can't stand it *_*
In every page of the " Lost symbol " , You feel a bizarre energy and eagerness to know more and

Iraqi Hope in London Olympics