Sunday, September 22, 2013

After 1000 year

I won't say , it has been along time , Becoz it stupidly has been ...
Each time I come here , I feel the little girl first started blogging here .. me ,
This place is really heaven to me ,
my closed book , that no one can see ....

Friday, August 10, 2012


I've recently get involved in some charity composed of all medical students and other respectable people , We had an activity , a couple of days ago we cooked at our own homes some deserts and pastries and we presented them as doctors to some little angelic children recumbent in hospital , Some astonishing expression appeared on the faces of child's families and relatives as a reflections to this gesture of hope :) I can't express my happiness of being there all that time , Knowing new friends and sharing heavenly moments with them ... I'm planning to add a bottom in my blog FOR DONATION FOR CHILDREN OF IRAQ by some way or another , I totally trust my sources and know very well the money goes to people who really need it ,, Any one have an Idea how ?

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

My Gyne Exam

I was remembering a couple of days how was my OSCE in Gyne ! Beeing very nervous , the Stethoscope fell from my hand on the ground , thermometer was broken , the Stethoscope had a bubble in its mercury cloumn , I wonder how this hospital works !! My patient was asleep , after C.S , So I was a frank annoying bug.. she had relatives with her *_* , and they are from one of Mosul townships .. they were talking , gagling , eating , chating , gosipping !! OMG I told them with shaking tone ,to lessen thier voice because i was having an exam , the senior left me with them returing after 30 min to exam- me ! Finally I made a horrible mistake , I examined the pt from the left , OMG .. But the senior knows me very well , and knows how I was active in her sessions :) Oh I was nearly forget , after exam I had a special things happened to me , It's soo nice that I can't speak about ;)

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Banana Caramel !

Today's recipe is :
Banana Caramel !
*we need:
1- 4 table spoon powerder milk
2-4 table spoon powdered corn starch
3- 4 table spoon sugar
4-4 cup of water
5- Bescuit
6-  2 banana
7- - 2 eggs ( the albumin )  - COVERNING
Pre heat the oven
1- place the biscuit and the slices chuped banana in a pyrex plate

2- mix 1,2,3,4
3- heat on a low  temp  till it becomes like custard
4- pour the hot mixture on the banana and biscuit
5- leave it cools down
6- stir the albumin till it becomes like a white milky cream add powdered sugar as you like
7- put this on a first mixture and heat in the oven till the creamy albumin becomes goldy like this

8- keep in the refg. And eat on :)

Friday, August 03, 2012

some cooking :)

Here is a part of what I've done this day :) 
Cream Caramel: 

*What we need ? 

2 cups and a half cow milk 

4 eggs 

This brown color  this is sruck on it  even after cleaning *_*
Don't worry :P


3/4 cup sugar 

Magic go !: 

- I stirred the 4 eggs in the machine till they become creamy like this : 

-Add the sugar and continuo stirring .
-add  Vanilla  , Milk

-Mean while prepare the pan with some sugar in the bottom like this :

-Preheat the oven 
-While the eggs are beaten fry the sugar till it turns brown , like this : 

-boil some water and put it in a pan larger than the first one 
-pour the creamy mixture in the pan 
-pour the boiled water in the larger pan 
-And they 'll sound like this : 

-put it in the oven for 10 minutes then keep the heat under the pan only 
-keep in for 20 minutes after .
- get it out of the oven , for a while till it cools down , put in the refg. 
- pour the semi solid mixture on a Chinese plate  
-Then it'll look like this : ) 

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Why Women Live longer ?

Symbols and history

I'm Very Interested in the history and symbols ,so when both of them meet in the same place ,
No , Forgive !
I can't stand it *_*
In every page of the " Lost symbol " , You feel a bizarre energy and eagerness to know more and

Iraqi Hope in London Olympics

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

wondering # 4

Mr. Ghandi , Have you forgotten your heart ?

A dusty day

a dusty view of garden , I insisted to make those
 rod of the window visible
in order to look like a prison 
Okay I woke up yesterday at 3:00 pm as I slept till 6:00 am .. I expected to see a suuny sky with ocean's blue color , But with sorrow I saw so many dust here and there :(
OMG , I even began to sneeze and cough , too many small markets closed today , I didn't go outside as usual with 0 gained experience today !

speaking about sleep , I have not experienced that something called " sleep over " with any one of my friends , I barely  slept in my grandma's house for once and I spent the night missing mom and crying  !
I insisted to go back home as soon as possible , I see myself different from them totally ... and I don't feel like to spend the night with any one of my friends , and I even try to think about it !...
The only other room I can sleep in it , Is my future Husband's  ;) 
returning to dust all the Mobilya in the house get dusted with ugly expression , all my exhausting work the day before yesterday gone with the wind .. 
Speaking about experiences , I'm planning to visit hospital with some friends , giving some new low financial level  moms all stuffs they need for postpartum period .. I can't tell if I can attend but at least I have the intention :) ..
BTW these sand storm called " God's anger "

pray for me