Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Long passionate Journey

Hi , 

You have definitely bet, I have gone through difficult times after ISIS conquer of Mosul City. Well... Fortunately, I've not seen any of them live and was obliged to leave the city at the same date of the invasion. 
I've gone through tough, exquisite difficult times since then, I have had to wait many months in order to graduate, to work in Baghdad away from family, and to be lost among cities and faces. 

Baghdad has added to me a tremendous amount of experiences and skills, I've learned how to contact people appropriately, deal with problems more efficiently, depend on myself more responsibly and foremost to love more passionately. 

I had to leave many people, more accurately, many people had to leave me, I have become that kind of person who is like a sparrow; free-spirited, sincere more often, and ready for love even more. 

I felt in love with my extremely supernatural friend, who resembles me in a frightful-lovable way, just imagine 2 doctors who have nearly the same height, wandering in the hospital wards harmonically; checking patients, distributing medicines, attending Doctor ward, eating, drinking, studying altogether.

It was completely out of my control, it could make me have that strange feeling inside my stomach, It was not that vulgar type of love which causes palpitations, it was kind of love that gives rise to a heart attack! 

I had to travel on my own, spending on my behalf from my own money.
I found many friends and met many people who either inspired me or made the hell out of me.
This is all for today, hopefully, I can tell you more, later. 

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