Saturday, August 04, 2012

Banana Caramel !

Today's recipe is :
Banana Caramel !
*we need:
1- 4 table spoon powerder milk
2-4 table spoon powdered corn starch
3- 4 table spoon sugar
4-4 cup of water
5- Bescuit
6-  2 banana
7- - 2 eggs ( the albumin )  - COVERNING
Pre heat the oven
1- place the biscuit and the slices chuped banana in a pyrex plate

2- mix 1,2,3,4
3- heat on a low  temp  till it becomes like custard
4- pour the hot mixture on the banana and biscuit
5- leave it cools down
6- stir the albumin till it becomes like a white milky cream add powdered sugar as you like
7- put this on a first mixture and heat in the oven till the creamy albumin becomes goldy like this

8- keep in the refg. And eat on :)


  1. We have bananas at home that nobody's eating- I think I'm going to try making this!

  2. there are too many ways to make Banana caramel , This is only one
    If you have any query , I'm Here :)

  3. Great article posting. Thanks for sharing. Please keep it up to date.


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