Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pretty life

What can I say? Am I wrong ??? haven't I done my best ???? or I'm envied???? Any way >>> before the exam about 1/4 hour ; I got through  a very very very tough  state  , ((poisining))  what is the cause o… where did it come from ??? I don't know !!! all I know that my soul was trying to get out my nose but no hope with that … vomiting, feeling sick is what I was feeling today mooring and till now …mybe it's the stress !!! 

I don't have that spirit any more !!! I don't feel that energy !!! I 'm not feeling my love to life !!!! I can't hear or talk or behave as I used to  .. I'm not (SSSS) … I'm not myself … every thing now is equal to me : life =death , success = failure , love = detesting , and what the difference BTW ??!!

Is it normal feeling … or I need to pay a psychologist a visit ?:D ( I'm not laughing BTW)


  1. Hey violet,
    its not envy nor you need a phsy,its just the stress you are facing because of the exams and pressure. iheard that the students protested against the exams in ur college last week.
    try to relax and make some changes to feel better.

  2. It's normal. We all get sick when we face similar situations. May be the main factor is the pressure of exams.

    I hope that you could refresh your feelings + regain your strength and re-Initiate your desire to study. You could only do what is in your capacity and don't think too much about the outcome. I'm sure you will succeed.

    May Allah help and guide you through these difficult times.

    You have my pure prayers.

  3. relax....
    Yalla, khan rooh nikra nukat sowa. :D

  4. BD,
    yes, are you living in Mosul or what?:D
    yes, thanks i'll try to relax >>> thanks B.D for commenting :)

  5. Khalid,
    it's a nice thing to have two comments of you till now >> thanks for stopping by :)

  6. هههههههههههه
    انا بالنسبة اليا حافضتهن

  7. At times stress leads to depression, it's only natural to feel like this.

    Don't worry, soon enough you'll feel inshaAllah.

    Salamat :)

    and yes, do relax and keep faith and find some new jokes :)

  8. salamz violet
    sometimes the desire to live starts fading when the days become a routine and the nights become montonous..
    i have went through the "indifference phase" a couple of times this year..
    believe me as fast as it starts it will also go guickly.. the exams always make us feel ignorant and helpless but as soon as they're done we regain our strength for the next race..
    i'll remember u in my prayers

  9. attawie,
    thanks dear ,,, i do appreciate your comments :):)

  10. monalisa,
    Allah eslmki :D,
    exams = stress ! :D:D
    thanks for your prayers :)


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