Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Imaginary place

Me .. You and That Imaginary Place…
Me… I'm sitting here.. Near the fireplace , in front of a window… 
It's cold and warm at the same time ..  
Raining in the room and sunny outside!!! 
just waiting A person to talk to…. No!!!
a simple word .. 
Waiting a simple sound to listen… 
A simple breath to breathe with ….
A Heart to be close to …. 
Here… I feel alone .. Helpless … 
I feel a body without a soul!! 
A body who is suffering with respiring air..
Suffering with seeing things .. 
Suffering with breathings fragrant of blooms .. 
Suffering with going anywhere.… 
The body… as been said..
And the soul has travelled to another place .. 
Indefinite and hazy place …
A spot of land which is cloudless ..  
Pure ….
From hating 
Detesting …
From wars …
Anything defective …
frightful .. 
Anyone wrongful.. And any child fearful.. 
Is this place is really on earth ??!! 
Or my soul has just left me for nothing..
For no place … 
For nobody!!!
And you ……..
Oh .. you !!! 
What a distinct human??!! What a special pleasure??!!  
What a soul that every moment I reach …
It comes near to my heart.. 
It controls my brain .. 
It makes me feel with no affliction and no pain…
It takes my soul and runs away>>>  
Leaves to that imaginary place … 
With the ruins of mine!! 
Ruins that need to be repaired .. 
Ruins need to return to their real body..
Their real place…..
You know what????. I don't care!!!
My most important want … 
My most urgent need ;…
Is to be with you ..
Is to breathe what you are breathing .. 
Is to see the face that you are not seeing .. 
Is to hear what you are whispering in my ear… 
Is to feel your hands when they touch mine…
In fact that is my imaginary place ^^^……………despite  being on earth…. And despite being not that special place!!!…

I see i must send this poem again , it remined me of my self ^_^ 
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  1. oh oh! nisaat aguul....
    AMOOOOOOT al layout!!!
    deer balich ala nafsich, wa inshallah itmur thanee al ayam ib sur3a. :)

  2. ههههههههههه. هذا من ذوقج حبيبتي
    انشالله تمر بسرعة ...بس هيا عتطير من السرعة بهذني الايام

  3. well, i was sort of speechless with your post before this one. i was going to think about it and come back w/sound advice ;)

    here is what i try to remember when when i find myself in an imaginary place such as this one of yours reminds me of.

    that change is constant. nothing remains the same even if it feels at the time that is not so.

    one of my favorite things to do when i was a little girl was to go down to the creek and move around some rocks to watch the change in the current. i did it last summer too! those places where the leaves pile up or the earlier fast current moved some rocks that blocked the flow. the stagnation in the water that follows provides an environment where eggs hatch and all this life begins but when i look at it all i seem to notice is the lack of current and i want to watch the fresh water cruise thru it and clean everything away.

    good luck. i can't even imagine what it would be like to be going thru emotions in your environment, but i know it will change eventually because everything does. hold strong dear violet.

    sending prayers your way.

  4. thanks annie , i appreciate your comments ALWAYS


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