Tuesday, May 26, 2009

what can i do with out you

spending time studying, sleeping,eating and STUDYING... boring .... boring ...boring, i need to come back to collge !!! i can't stand being at home anymore !!! i need to breathe mosul's air!!! although it's an oven outside.....confused ... yes i don't know what i'm now ,,, where i'm going and when my journy is going to end>>>> any way ......... silence ...............................................................
i'm so tired going to bed right now ...
stay safe  


  1. violet violet violet!
    thats where you've been hiding? revising?
    Afya bnaya imratba. :)
    At least you can concentrate to study, i spend all my time staring. :S

    Yall maykhalif, summer soon, and that means mowt har wa never ending nights.... :)
    Relax and inshallah it will all be over.
    with love,

  2. You journey will end up in future success. Just relax and don't take any pressure, do what's in your capacity and don't think too much.

    Allah is on your side, surely that's a success that should lead to a series of successes.

    Take care,

  3. relax violet, you have to be relax, it is just a matter of time, you should be strong and enjoy every moment in your life even if you spend it at home during hot summer night.
    life goes on

  4. تدرين شنو؟؟
    حسيت بالإنفجار مثلج ..
    بس مو بالله من كتبتي الي بكلبج ارتاحيتي ؟
    وشوفي هم كل هالناس وياج ..
    أحياناً أفكر أنه لهذا السبب الله خلق لنا الخيال ..
    الحمد لله ..
    بس بشري ما خلصت امتحاناتج؟؟

  5. touta,
    my lovely girl>>> how are you I miss you :)
    hhhhhhhhhhm summer hotty and boring hm ma ynrad :D:D:D:
    with much of love :)

    thanks agian:)
    i'm doing what in my capacity and -little- more :D
    i'm sure Allah is on my side ... coz i'm trying to make him satisfied with me:)

    Take care you,too.

    yes, right ... sweetie:)
    life just goes on and my life goes on,too :D

    زهرة الراوي
    اهلا بيج مرة ثانية ... نورتي !
    اذا جنتي تقصدين الانفجار اللي كاع احجي عليه بالبوست:what makes you cherish your life"
    فأني فعلا ارتاحيت حييييل
    وع الامتحانات ...يمعودة تونا طبينا بيها
    thanks dear :):)


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