Friday, May 29, 2009

The return of the king

oh my eyes ... hurting me ... i can't open them properly, i spend my time studying .. i think it's my fate.... 

The big Anatomy exam returns... it's on Monday... now the test is written>>> and what do you know about written??? " وما ادراك مالنظري؟؟" :D

I can't wait to end exam, but at the same time i don't want to have a holiday,,,, it'll keep me away from college ... it's my only way to see the world and expertise it ! 

i don't have any plans for holiday till now ... I'll think about it after exams or maybe with my friend ;)

my best friend is going to come back to Iraq in summer after her tests ,,, and i think she'll stay here and share me the college life again! 

at the begging of this year I was lost , never know anyone ..but after i knew the CURRENT one ... the matter has been converted differently ... i want the first to return and i don't at the same time ... i think I've been designed to fit to one friend and be devoted to her not to multiple ones!!! maybe it's not that big deal to you ... but it's problem to me ! i have another one who is very jealous  from that one ... but i can say she LOVES me with her own way .. she had made many quarrels   with her so to make me for her only and that another problem ! so if the first returns and the second with me with third here !!! it would be a  disaster  !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

i can't imagine how i would handle it<<


okay pray for me and let this prayer be more pure and devout  becoz that one hasn't done its work!!  ;) :D

greetings :) 



  1. OH violet, allah ysa3dich
    how is everything with you? I hope you will do well in your exam.

    I can feel how you're feeling about the friends thing, you know what, the one who realy loves you should respect your privacy and let you have your own space as well to have other friends and maybe you will manage to be three friends. I love the groups, during the school, I used to have one friend who was jealouse of my other friends, she tried to keep me away from them, but I could't stand that, and our friendship last for one year only, she was a good friend but everything has an end.
    be strong, many people will come and goes in your way, you will never know who will be next to you next year, the importan thing is to enjoy every smile, tear, sad and happy moments with your friends no matter how they think.

  2. thanks micho:)
    it's very nice to have a comment sent by you here:):)
    it's like this >>>
    خي ترجع الاولى وبعدين ايحلها الف حلال
    شو نج عزيزتي؟؟ اخبارج؟؟؟ صارلي زمان ما قارية البلوج ماتج .... سوووووووووووووورررررررري
    والله مشغولة بالدراسة

    thanks again :)

  3. طول عمري أكول الصداقة بين البنات غريبة !
    دائماً وحدة تريد وحدة بس إلها ..
    وأكو غيره وأكو شغلات عجيبة ..
    يالله الله يكثر من صديقاتج ويكونون كلهم إلج نعم الصديق

    حلو تسولفين :)

  4. زهرة الراوي
    كل الهلا بالزينة والله!
    اسعدني مرورج وتعليقاتج ....
    تمام .... بس اني عمري ماحسيت بغيرة تجاه اي صديقة ... يعني اني ما جنت احب احسد اي وحدة ع شي مو عندي اياه ...
    شكرا وردة ع التعليق الحلو

    كلولي شلونها البغدادية ماتي ؟؟؟؟.. احسها تخرب ضحك ... احسنلي احجي مصلاوي بس هذاك الوكت لا أحد ايردلا مترجم!

  5. زهرة الراوي
    "حلو اتسولفين"

  6. sometimes friendships can become a little wierd...
    good luck in your anatomy exam..
    our finals have started too and they seem endless

  7. yes, But to me it's life:)

    I did my anatomy exam on last Sunday. It was horrible :D
    Good luck :)
    God bless you

  8. sorry it was on Monday....
    والله صايرة امضيعا الايام!!!


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