Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm happy though

I was preparing for going to bed... yes, I'm very tired!!! i have to do so many studying tomorrow... but on The " Violet's world" that you can see on the right upper aspect of the blog. I was looking at -as always- who is visiting my blog and via what... I see   there are as- i guess- two of my followers , silent followers ... i won't say from where are they. they visit my blog just after i post a new post.... it has been a long time since i noticed that... bt I'm looking for hearing their opinion about what I think here... any way even if they won't comment ... I'll be happy , there are people caring about what i say here.


i was thinking... about my life ... and what i have done in it. what is the point??? and Am going and following the right path in life???

Being a doctor is my pretty dream, But being Doctor in Iraq means Jaheem "hell"!!!!

yes, don't be surprised !!! it's very hard ;especially for a soft girl like me..... it means the following:

1-  study , tough study for six years (five , this current junior year is involved)

2- it means going every day to some where far away from my house ;on the other side of the city.

3-at danger of being killed at any time. by a miss shot or right one.

4- devoting my life for  people, who are here not all of them - i mean most of them- don't appreciate doctors!- I'm not in my full sense right now -

5-ending at age of 23. and then at least 2 years of practicing... and I'm not the kind of people who get graduated and then sit between 4 walls " it's for you B.D " :D

7- a tough life, during marriage. of course  if i will get married. and means that I should forget about "NORMAL LIFE"

okay too many ,,,, too many . I'm tired now and I don't remember them. may be i'll do in another post.



  1. hehehehe.
    please do post...O_O I'll be watching....
    hmmm, being a doctor in Iraq is one of the hardest things in the world, but i know you're strong and kind enough to do it. :)

    wa if they don't appreciate you...
    إستغدمي بوكسات

    now relax!

  2. hehehe
    your list made me laugh--something i havent done in a while..
    to be a female doctor in an arab country is like being a superherione cuz u also have to be wife, have the dinner ready at 2 oclock, make sure ur children finish their homework, look amazing 24/7 AND be a good doctor!

    yet we all strive to be doctors/dentists for some wild reason=)

  3. hehehehe....
    yes,wallah that's right.. It's the hardest thing. it's even harder than lefting a cow to the roof of a house as we say :D:D:D:D:D:D

    boksat !!! hhhhhhhh.maybe why not?:D:D
    It's very nice to hear form you :):):)

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  5. monalisa,
    Glad to make you laugh ,dear:)

    "to be a female doctor in an arab country is like being a superherione cuz u also have to be wife, have the dinner ready at 2 oclock, make sure ur children finish their homework, look amazing 24/7 AND be a good doctor!"

    that reason is what makes me "still" breath ,LOL.
    Thanks :)

  6. BTW, touta>>> you didn't answer me about my babhdadi ascent:D
    in the last post :
    "كلولي شلونها البغدادية ماتي ؟؟؟؟.. احسها تخرب ضحك ... احسنلي احجي مصلاوي بس هذاك الوكت لا أحد ايردلا مترجم!

  7. heeey
    ohhh who is talking!! :D im not spending my time between four walls,i think u should follow my advice hehehe
    you lead me to a new idea abt the walls of my clinic too :D
    its dangerous and tiring until graduation and then practicing but try to think abt the final result and the chance that u have while others dont. there is a goal.
    when u'll treat a patient and that one cured and happy with a big smile drawn on his face u'll know why.
    u are doing the right think.

  8. hahahahahahahaahahhahaha.
    أخ يا فيولت ، شلون بغدادي حلو . والله لايكلج هيجي حجي

    لا ما تحتاجين مترجم!

    :D :D :D

  9. B.D
    I can't imagine a circular clinic
    Good Luck BTW and inshallah all the best :)
    yes, i can't wait to see a simle on my patients's face ,,, it would left me 7 km up!!

    بس لو تعرفين اني اشون احجي بغدادي "نطقيا "
    لجان خربتي ضحك مثل صديقتي
    في أحد المرات كلتلها "
    "لكن هيا شتكول"
    و ال"لكن" بالمصلاوي معناها "عاد"

  10. إمغيرة 'about me', mal blog.
    Superviolet. :D
    يوما أحسن من سوبرمان
    حلوة اتصير الشغلة لو أكوم أني احجي بل موصلي وانتي تحجين بل بغدادي .

  11. hhhhhhhhhh,
    كل يوميا انغيرا اش عدنا ؟؟؟شغل.... عمل؟؟؟هيا طبية ... سهلـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــة
    I liked the idea of 'super violet':D
    ما تكدرين تحجين مصلاوي ...صدكيني!
    الا اذا جنتي مستعدة تكولين :القاف و الراء اتكلبيها الى غين
    جربي شكو بيها !

  12. Dear Violet
    I am one of your silent readers, and want to stay a silent one (sorry). But be sure: i like your blogs very well, so go on with them! The poem is wonderful, try another one, you've poetic talent, i think!! The choices in life... its difficult everywhere in the world, but if you've made one, go for it! (Except if you are convinced it was a bad choice.)
    Good luck, will try not to forget you in my prayers!
    Bye, bye!

  13. Anonymous,
    Glad to see you here 'commenting'
    and of course 'reading'
    Don't be sorry , you have the right to stay silent :) and that doesn't matter me as long as you read what I say here :)
    Thanks for your prayers and Good luck for you ,too.:)

  14. It is hard anywhere in the world to be a doctor... and in Iraq well it is extremly difficult just like you say. And yes we had a dentist in my family killed(Allah yer7am) a few years ago just because he was a dentist, so be careful Violet. Still, if it's what you want set your mind to it and Inshallah you'll make it and save many lives. I'll be praying for you.

    Best wishes

  15. Moonlight,
    very glad to see you here, dear:)
    allah bless his soul and ours...
    I'm determined to save lives,i think it's the purpose & the aim of my life.
    God bless you and keep you safe:)


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