Thursday, October 08, 2009

I live by the beach

Crying is what I remember that Sunday , it's situation doesn't need to be cried for!
I recall the moment the last time I hugged her and kissed her goodbye , with our  tears  washing my cheek and hers…
Next day my friends at college said are you sure it wasn't your marriage yesterday (opening mouth  of my beauty hhhhh I'm kidding)
Wednesday was horrible , my friend fainted with hypocalcaemia ! I didn't know what I was feeling all I remember I took off her shoes and carried them with my hand in middle of the college as we delivered her to Emergency at hospital nearby!
Today was full of adventures , at physiology lab we had an experiment of RBC count , I have bad memories with blood! Every time I see someone Sucking it with needle my heart beats fasten and I go unconscious!
More over I insisted to  be the donor of the blood and the one I sucks it with pipette!
I fainted !well, I have to strengthen my heart ! 

After this lab we have lecture  also of physiology , frankly I didn't understand any thing .. feeling my brain would explode at any moment! Then I lastly looked at data show seeing some student sitting at first stage setting near a fan and his hair was jut FLYING , I poked Susu and said look at him I feel am in the beach , she burst  laughing !
This slightly move my feeling and get me out of unconsciousness !
I'm tired , I'm lost ,    not feeing my days , I don't know it's hard to explain so I'll stop here avoiding more internal crying !


  1. hahahaha, poor boy. :P
    The beach is beautiful, i was thinking about the beach all of yesterday!!!
    :) you are beautiful aziza ;) and good luck with studying.

  2. hi violet, stop crying and listen
    physiology lectures are the simplest ever you seen, read them on MCQ manner and try to write what Dr.Hazim saying because it will come in the exam and try to read the lectures and understand them first and label the important lines in each lecture because this is what you will see in the exam, after a while you will see how easy physiology is ..
    about the RBC you will see the WBC next week hhh and blood will accompany you all the year even in the practical exam at the final so keep in mind that blood will be in every lab in physiology this year...

  3. وينج يا بنية؟؟
    وي مس يو
    إن شاء الله كلشي تمام؟
    الله يسعدج ويوفقج

  4. Hey violet,
    first, u have to get use to see blood and deal with it :).
    dont panic or feel frustrated, its just the pressure caused by the exams and studying, try to have a break.btw i think u mean "hypoglycemia",u know the difference.:D
    take it easy.

    wish u luck


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