Friday, October 02, 2009

Berserk ocean

Help please !
Am heading to be crazy ??!
Everyone is getting away from me , far away from me ….
No one is near, all are in the distance ~
No one to talk to ,
I feel nobody is close enough to understand ! I'm in a very tough emotional crisis.
New life , the first time in my life I feel responsibility! With no one near to even hear me!
My sister , her marriage next week, this means all those years will go with the wind , just will DISAPPEAR!
In this month long, my family leave to Beirut! Another responsibility !
My brother busy with his work , starting to  think about his own life.
My little sister has began  her new year in school .

I'm like a broken boat in middle of a Berserk ocean ! 
My friend is busy with her 2nd attempt exams! Other one hasn't got used to life here yet !
College is so boring and hard ,.. I feel it has no taste … I can't smell the breeze I used to smell , I can't see faces I need to see !
………….. silence !


  1. Violet 7abibty,
    Just stop for a moment and breathe, the years spent with your sister won't disapear and though I know it's not the same as living with her you'll have memories, and phone calls and visits...I'm sure it's easier said than done, I can only imagine how I'll feel when my sister gets married, but may Allah bless her marriage and fill it with happiness and il youm ilich inshallah :)

    "I can't smell the breeze I used to smell , I can't see faces I need to see !
    ………….. silence !"

    :S this line describes my feelings so well, but inshallah they are temporary don't bring yourself down by doing this, they say each hardship is surrounded by ease and hopefully ease is right around the corner :)

    yallah 7ilwa, smile and face the day head on and may it be a day filled with happiness inshallah.

  2. find ur self
    find ur own life
    not a palace in others life

  3. Salam dear...
    Sorry to hear that your soul is in pain..
    Fate throws days like these in your life so when happiness comes it will have the most beautiful taste =)
    ~I'll remember you in my prayers

  4. I too occasionally write a poem from this desperate place. Nothing anyone can say will change the state of mind, I suppose. Just wanted to say that I like your poetry, and the sun will rise again tomorrow.


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