Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eid and A Journey to Erbil

The First Day:
Spent on going to huge family reunion at the oldest man's house (The oldest one in my father's family).
I saw there my family, the rest of my family ,MANY of them I have never seen before !
It was boring as the matter of fact !
Before this we went to mama family 's house , Nana and uncle.
And after those , went to my grandma's house (dad's mother), to see her coz she couldn't attend the reunion becoz of her illness.
All right then returned to home , packed my clothes preparing to go to Erbil.
So this was the first day which had begun with kisses and hugs of Eid!

The Second day:
Woke up at 6:00 am !, also packed what has been left , had breakfast .. and then put ourselves in my brother's car to deliver us to the location of company of transportation which is responsible for transporting us to+in Erbil.
at 7:07 Am (the time at we left home)
Waited for half an hour till the bus came and then ascended to the bus and also waited till 10:00 am when the engine of the bus started working.
The Road to Erbil form Mosul is normal , doesn’t have the high and low areas which makes your heart fall if the car is being driven by a high speed ! I LIKE THAT !
This case can be felt on the way to Duhok form Mosul !
After 12:00 PM we arrived to Hawler, at Aleskan str. We had lunch.. ALL the restaurant there were full !
They were reserved by all the passengers came from different areas of all over Iraq.
After lunch we blasted off to the Hotel, with all the people with us .. it was like an invasion!
Booking two rooms , one for (me +big sis+ little sis),and the other for mom and dad.
Ba3deen (after that), the bus driver delivered us to Hawler aqua park , to the -family fun-center. It was planned to spend all the time at family fun, But it was about to burst off !
Full of people , I didn't have the chance to see anything there but faces! so all I saw there was faces !

Miscellaneous faces , Kurdish and Arabian… of kids , of adults , boys and girls , women and men !
At 10 :00 pm we left family fun and went without the group after leaving them there to Rhein Mole for an hour then returned to hotel for having little bit of rest.
The third day
It is the day of summer resorts
Also woken up at 7:00 Am , had a breakfast down at the hotel's restaurants, saw a French group of tourists leaving the hotel, and then leaving it at 9:00 am to catch the bus with rest of passengers with us.
The way form Erbil to the summer resorts is too long!!!!!!!!
There were a rest point at Shaqlawa located at the begging of the way to the rest of summer resorts.

It is about an hour form the down town of Erbil , has a rest point with restaurant has the tanks of the Kurdish army which was against the regime of Saddam before it .
Salah aldein, Hareer ,Khlefan ,
Places between Shaqlawa and the far Erbil's resorts.
Note: we were heading eastwardly.
Ga~li A~li Bek cascade:
Fantastic !!!
For more phots please wait till i upload them 


The most beautiful one , I had to walk for more than 1 Km to access it , the bus had stopped far away from it becoz of the cocky traffic jam!

cars numbers :
All the visits I have made to Kurdistan, I have never seen a diversity of people like this one !
It like all the Iraqi were there ! , Baghdad, Basra, Karbala, Al Najaf, Nineveh ,Al Anbar
I noticed that by looking at the cars numbers on the way to bekhal cascade .
130000 entered Erbil from Mosul .
Faces and dances :
All the way and I see people dancing , on Arabic music .. Kurdish music … never matter!


Erbil……. I love it soooooo much (the down town of Erbil), when I visit it I can see Mosul when it was in peace before the invasion ! that's why I love it !
The urbanization is at the highest levels there , I almost cried when I see people of my own home have not been given the chance to start building their city like Erbil.
Mosul will never be like this if NOT Meslawi people still interfere with Mosul's political and economical stuffs.
Please leave us alone !!!!!!!!
It's time to live .. it's time to have the right to go out home at night without fearing you will be killed or kidnapped !
It's time to go to college without fearing bridge would be closed at any second and your exams just have to fly away !
it's time to remove checkpoints ! it's time for not seeing any solider in the street ! it's time for not seeing any army tanks ! It's time to have fun, it's time to live life …

Saria al Sawas :
The busses and taxies ' drivers beloved singer !
As the matter of fact nearly all these dances were with her LOUD music !
Her voice is like a drill hummer , my brain was like a tan and her voice was beating its walls !!
I can hear it now in my head !!!!
All the way , going .. returning .. in the buss .. out of it … spent with her music and her voice !
I thought  of this a little bit how could an Iraqi singer unite the Iraqis ears when the politicians couldn't unite Iraqis minds , they can't unite their own minds LOL!
Her tapes and CDs bought by all the Iraqi from north to south .. even in Syria!

The day after Eid :

It is the moles and supermarkets day :D , yeah it's shopping time !!!!!!!!!

Heading  to Mosul:
At 7:10 Pm we entered Mosul with only two check points , and without any searching or checking IDs !
While the way to Erbil is full of check points with heavy search , we had to be searched personally twice !
Mosul is now opened , and anyone can enter it form any direction if procedures like these are not taken !
There is army at its boundaries but with not the same procedures !
Praying My sweet Mosul will see the light of peace Again a it was , City of two springs  .
Stay safe



  2. Hi voilet
    Me too was in Erbil ,for the rd day of al Eid and day after Eid , but we went their by our cars not by buses.
    I saw many peple there from different cities in Iraq . All the places were crowded with the people who came by buses from Baghdad and Mosul specially .

    hope you had a good time there (for me i had ^__^)

    Happy Eid dear .

    what is your feeling and the college with start next sunday?-__-

  3. Happy Eid violet, it seems you had a good time there, I'm happy for you

  4. جداً جميلة رحلتكم .. وكلش حلو عيدكم ..
    ما شاء الله .. الله يرزقنا هيجي فرة مرة كل 10 سنين هم أقبل :)

    سعيدة من أجل عيدك .. من أجلك ..
    دمتِ بخير


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