Thursday, November 13, 2008

Refractive index

uring my lecture of physics.. I was asked with two of my colleagues .. two girls who don't share me the energy and the love of life that I have, to do an experiment about the refractive index of a glass block.. after three times doing the experiments .. (I) finally found it … cuz I felt so angry of their carelessness.
But what I have found out  that there is not only a refractive index for glass or water or any medium .. in fact there are refractive indexes also for people…
I found out ..the life is  a medium and every person has a different refractive index , when he gets though it. Some people have a large one and some people have a small one. Everyone according to his faith and how much he believes what he believes. Some people consider the life as a draft and they are ready to go wherever it's gonna to take them.. not ready to make themselves as a hyper power which can change anything!
But the disgusting thing that.. there are people who have the ability to have any refractive index that they want( in Arabic word – have two faces).
Ohhh… how the sky can they do this??!!!  How can they say something that they don't believe.. my goodness!!
I think just the one who doesn't have the trust in his self can do that.. it's such a bad thing!
the reason of saying that .. I'm feeling most of the people around me can't understand what I'm doing .. I find no one who can share me the same feeling .. with honest feeling and without artificial senses that it's not necessary  to show in order to make people believe you.
It was my birthday yesterday .. it was really bleak day!!!
Only three of my friends remembered that it was my birthday.. I was going to cry.. but as soon as I realized there is no benefit of crying!
i really felt so sad .. especially this is so important to me cuz i have reached the 19 .. some people consider the 18 as a maturity age. i think maturity age the person himself can decide it. when he is ready to make  proper decisions that he is responsible for everything he says and does and ready for any consequences ...
The one of age 18 .. he is still a young adult needs help to stand on his own legs to face the difficulties of life.. but at the same time i believe, if he has not become a mature at that age he will not be ever .. 
sorry I know some of my saying are not easy to understand .. cuz I caught flue yesterday and I really have a very  annoying  headache- imagine how a bad day was yesterday!!! ..
please accept my regards and wish me Good Luck!
your friend;



  2. happy birthday.:D
    I have the flu too! must be spreading through baghdad..

  3. Thank You Touta ..
    It must be spreading from Baghdad to Mosul hahaha..

  4. Actually, interesting theory. :)

    BTW,how are you doing in college? I hope everything is okay.

  5. Please get better soon! We don't want to see you sick ;)

    Tell us the latest news from your classes when you have the chance.

    ...and always stay safe

  6. Thank You BOOKISH for commenting ... I'm doing well,Thank Allah

  7. Thank You C.H., i really want to write a new post; but i don't have enough time ...
    very busy with classes..
    Thank You again :)

  8. Violet, Touta, Bookish,

    I guess the flue is spreading through america to, haha. I have it now...not feeling all that well

  9. the flu- bringing people together from all over the world. the flu may not be such a bad thing after all *cough cough choke*.
    Hope you all get better, and as for school, i just go with the (non existent) flow . :D


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