Thursday, November 06, 2008

I Think.. With My Humble Opinion.

·         The one who never lies is the  same one who believes any body

·         If you want to make somthing done , do it yourself!

·         Everyone is free to do anything , as long as he doesn't hurt any body

·         if you have stumbled , just keep going!!! Because  life doesn't wait! But learn how you won't be in  that stumble again.

·         Life is a grant , so live it wisely

·         As long as you live on earth , there is nothing called FREEDOM

·         Keep your faith at the highest average till the last breath in your lungs.


·         If you was treated by someone close, just keep in mind   that you would never  treat him !

·         Depend on God , he guides you.

·         Faith, sincerity, goodness,  devotion and altruism are so hard to find these days, but it doesn't mean  that they are  extinct.

·         Think of everything before you  do it, however simple it is.

·         Be proud of what you believe as long as you believe it.

·         If you think that you are doing something for the sake of humanity  , do it without make any hesitation  !

·         However life is hard, human being is harder than it.

·         However you meet bad people in your life, be sure you will meet someone good that will make you forget all those people ..

·         Think 1000000000000000 times before you hurt somebody!

·         Patience is good , and on God  our reliance.

·         I forgive people for anything they do to me.. everything but exploiting my goodness.

·         Respect yourself before respecting others .. cuz the first directly leads to the last one .



  1. Hello violet,

    Nice thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello sweetie,
    so nice talking, i agree with most of your opinions..
    be safe and enjoy college, please enjoy every moment..
    اي والله حبابه استمتعي بالكليه, كل لحظه منها, ديري بالج تضوجين, اخخخخخ, لو اني موجوده كان نتونس اكثر, مو؟
    بصراحه السادس متعب, ادرس واني بمكاني, هاي اخر سنه والله كريم, انشاء الله الخير للجميع
    بوسه حبيبتي
    سلام حار واشواق

  3. حياتي ساندي ... تمام السادس متعب بس مو مثل الكلية ... اسأل مجرب ولا تسأل حكيم هههههههه.اني اتمنالج الخير من كل كلبي وأتمنى ان نقضي الكلية سوى اني واثقة من هلشي....
    صايرا احجي بغدادلي اني هههههه

  4. Thank You BOOKISH..
    You always leave beautiful comments on my blog :)
    i'm happy that they interested you.


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