Saturday, November 01, 2008

Desperate Dreams

As a student who has finished her  high school from nearly three months or more, I was thinking what college I'm going to join?- I had made up my mind since childhood but that thinking was just for averment - . here in Mosul there is one governmental university that called : University of Mosul, and other non-governmental universities.

Here as opposite of nearly  the whole world, the governmental schools are better than non- governmental school. It has text books that used in the US, in England and even in Canada.

In fact, that was not the only thing . there are too many colleges are ignored here and are not taking the proper care like: the Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, and even Medicine and Pharmacy; When the Engineering is the most requested career in other countries like Malaysia which is one of the countries that Iraqis go to for getting jobs or escaping from the actual situation. Doctors were threatened here , the best doctors of the world ever have left Iraq to find peace and to work for other countries while Iraq is the most deserved country that they must serve.

I heard of  too many doctors and Iraqi scientists who  had to leave Iraq for NO REASON at  all and have to suffer the pain of being away from their homes. They are treasure… people!!! In other countries that they left  to ,United Arab  Emirates(UAE) for  example,  they are at the head of their career and no one can deny their competence.

Why do  they have to leave Iraq ??!!!

I had a problem of sleeping last night , I couldn't sleep well.. and I have this problem since I finished my High school.. IMAGINE!! And I have a feed problem , my weight now is 46.9 Kg that means lighter than a bag of wheat hahaha. I measured my blood pressure today and it is 12.8/ 6.5, it's so better than yesterday… it was 9.8/ 6.5.

Hopefully I'll get over these problems  when I start my college.

Actually I was thinking of my future and I was feeling so depressed .. please tell  me something that will give my  hope back… I usually get to be in this situation  .. the psychologists – in fact – I  refer it to the routine… oh till when  should I afford this tragedy??

I know this post is the contrary of the last post of mine .. please forgive me my friends .. people get to be depressed sometimes.. and this time I just can't hide it anymore!!

I'll go tomorrow to join college . and I hope this is a brand new step of my life that will be the doorway to a brighter  future    ..

I wait for the next opportunity that makes me here again.. till that time  all I can say: please pray for me and wish me  a good luck.

I have a kitten that I like,  I called her Lulu here is her photo:

And this is a pigeon that always comes to our house:



  1. Violet,
    It's normal to feel nervous and worried, when you're deciding what you want to do with your life.

    Great great pressure on you.

    You're living in an environment that's very stressful, so it affects your health, makes you sick at times, both physically and emotionally.

    But Violet, you are doing very well in life.

    You should feel proud of your achievements.

    Soon, you will head off to college and embark on a bright future.

    I know you will do a great job in college and accomplish what you want.

    Do not worry, your path in life will be revealed to you.

    Take Care.

  2. Violet,

    Everything is okay, you are in college now, and moving onto great things.

    Cheer up and smile :):):)

    Just think of how great it will feel when you finish college and have the chance to be a doctor, where you will bring smiles not only to your face, but to the faces of all the people you will help.

  3. Thank You very much for these beautiful comments.. they really give me a lot of hope.


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