Sunday, October 26, 2008

Love you Iraq...

Hello friends( Alsalaam Aleikum),

How are you everybody?? I hope you are all ok.. having good and fabulous time with your families and persons who love you...

Friends  …as I used to say to anybody who knows me and even in(About me) in my profile that I'm an ordinary girl.. but unfortunately nobody believes that ; they think that I'm something special.. something  it's just not similar to them(this is not bragging or bigheading ) ,it's just saying what's going on here(but they are really proud of me haha and I promise to do my best to keep them feel the same feeling).. from my early childhood I had so many dreams and a very  huge  imagination, Someday I dreamed ( day dream , haha) that I'll be in a position that allows me to be a person that is able to help poor children  in every spot on this beautiful earth .. believe it I told this story to my best friend and she said laughing on me  :" haha Violet, you  care too much about humanity…". She was not mocking at me, she said that with a beautiful look from her eyes towards me that was  full of pride and boast. I appreciated and   I'm still appreciating that look.


Once again ( during another day dream) ; I imagined myself a queen who has mercy and love towards her people .. giving them a huge quantity  of these two things, forgiving the one who mistakes and lionizing the one who honestly serves his country, but the most beautiful day dream I've ever imagined was  that : me is  someone who can do something  even - a  little- to save and serve this precious country (Iraq) which is  and will always be till death  in the middle of my heart.



I love this country guys , more than expected. I really love it  .. and it's a (heaven) to me whatever happens.. but at the same time i like travelling and seeing the beautiful places all over the world.


And Mosul.. oh Mosul !!!that beloved city of Iraq . I can't live without this city guys!!! .. I just can't. How can I even breathe an air except its air.. how can I spend my morning without smelling  the beautiful fragrance  of  flowers in my garden and without breathing the cool breeze in every spring morning in this city of two springs . yes, my friends…. There are two springs (seasons) during the year in this beautiful city one after winter and the other   nearly the autumn season .. ain't  that obviously so   nice!!??

Oh Guys !!! I can't make you imagine how   unworldly that  (spring- morning – breeze ) in this city is !!.. It just makes me feel alive!!!



During my first visit to my college  .. I saw it for the first time.. it's so big and in the other side of the city( Mosul is separated to two sides via Tigris river ).

I saw students there and I'll be like them very soon inshallah.



The disadvantage of being a beautiful one…

When a woman or a girl who has a beauty… sometimes that boon is turning into indignation… really some men look at a beautiful woman as an alien ( I don't mean just in eastern societies but in every part of the world)… this might be an embarrassing situation when that woman is shy. –hahah-

There are guys( or women)  still think in -this century!!!- that there is no relationship between a man and a woman but love.. I think that idea is uncivilized . cuz there are too many beautiful relationships … like friendship and brotherhood. Imagine how beautiful is that when a woman considers a man as her brother or her father.. or a man considers a woman as his sister …


Accept my regards,








  1. So glad to hear that you love our city this much. We have been two who do so. ;)

    There are many negative issues to complain about in our society and of course the abnormal situation but it's our home.

    "Nothing happens unless first we dream"
    So let our dreams be as huge as possible. :)
    (I liked the one when you were a queen, beautiful qqueen,I guess).

    college is great, so be ready.

  2. it is nice to have a dream every day, or at least from time to time, and it will make you feel much better when you remember all your dreams and count how many dreams you have achieved.

    in the next futur, you'll know that the majority of people believes that there is no relationship between man and woman but love, ture love or fake one.

    but if you search, among those people you'll see that they are forced to thing in such way, because of our eastern society.

    the college is a very great stage in our life, I graduated from college about one year and a half, and I can confirm that I had the best four years ever.

    take care.

  3. I loved this post and read it work by word, it is nice, too nice, and bring me hope indeed, thanky ou violet, be safe my great friend..


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