Monday, March 16, 2009

Laugh till death

yes, i have learned this from  you my friend... i wasn't used to laugh alot .. i don't know why .... maybe it's the nature of life or friends i used to know... but now with out you .. life is not life ... and the college is not college ... i don't know if we are the only group that laugh in the college and make fun of life -coz our college is a little SERIOUS :D... 
now with the company of  your stories and stories and stories that never end and your mouth that never shuts  up  i'll be happy to live the college life with you...
my old best friend ... i miss her too much ... i miss her stories .. me and this one like the lock and the key :D  


  1. I hope yoo keep laughing when you remember her. Its nice to be such good friends. :D
    Take care!

  2. Violatte,

    I think its great that you are going to be with your friend in college. This is wonderful news and I am so happy for you :D

    Both of you need to be safe and look out for each other :)

    How has your first semester been?

  3. Violet, exactly what is going on? Is your friend okay?

  4. Touta, yes..we are :)... inshallah you will/ you have such good friends too

    we are trying to do so especially when we hear sounds of explosions or shots :D..
    I'm struggling :))...
    and for ur other comment: ?????

  5. wonderful news. i'm happy for you. big smile

  6. Thanks Annie...
    do you what's the wonderful thing about Iraqis... they forget ... just compare between this post and the last one and you will know what i mean..

  7. I'm glad your happy Violet :)Friends like the one you have are rare and they are definetly the best. Enjoy your friendship and as your title says "laugh till death." =)
    Best wishes

  8. yes, you are very resilient. i have met some other iraqis online, it always amazes me the wonderful spirits and dispositions.

  9. Moonlight,
    Thanks haiati :).. I hope God have sent you friends like this one...

    yes, dear we are flexible coz if we are not .. we would be dead by this me today i'm happy tomorrow -may be- not...

  10. the little i've heard about mosel lately one would have to be a pretzel of emotion, i would be anyway. sometimes what gives me the slightest comfort is knowing the only consistency is change. 'this too shall pass', etc etc. sometimes i hold my breath, it doesn't help! just be strong and know you are not alone.

    sending you a smile today, and a prayer for mosel.

  11. annie,
    I can say that i'm good with speaking the standard English.. but at the same time i'm not good in the slang.. the first line i say that i barely understand what you have said.. I haven't reached a single centimeter out of Iraq till now ... so my English depends on my own efforts :D..
    but anyway thanks for prayers and smiles that you have sent :).. i'm sending you an Iraqi meslawi girl's smile...


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