Thursday, February 26, 2009

rainy day

rain, rain, rain !

i thought winter has over! it came back again. it's so cold.. but inspite of that i kept walking under the rain with my friend.. we both love rain , and love walking under it.. 

two days ago , it was spring.. the sun was up.. and evey thing was  so nice even the rainbow appeared as the sky was smiling.. 

this week was so silly, i had a sleeping crisis.. as i know nothing but sleeping. maybe i tried to have a week full of sleeping to offset tomrrow and after tomorow which  will be full of study.very tough days and i feel like i am lost! i have not been able to hundle the things till now .. but i think this is normal coz it's just the first year..

hope that next week will be springy  :) ..  


  1. Violet!!

    We are having the same problem here in Calfornia, haha. The Bay Area is finally getting a lot of rain :)

    My Grandfather came to visit us from Boston for ten days, and it rained for almost every one of them, lol. The problem is, when I get to school, I have to do a lot of walking to get into the main campus and if you don't have a jacket, you will get wet!

  2. I saw that rainbow too at the morning, but it was only two colors. :)


  3. Hi violet,
    its the first year and the first week after the holiday so its normal to feel like sleepy but try to work harder and do some morning exercises,very helpful to begin your day with.
    lucky you, we miss the rain!!! here we are in summer a month ago,hot sun and dusty weather.
    Good Luck

  4. Rain is Allah's way of caressing us.

  5. Marhaba violet, me too love rain and walking under it, I feel like I'm flying not getting wet !! :D
    keep in safe

  6. there is a reason we sleep other than the usual explanation of recharging our energy thru relaxation. we dream, we process thru our sub conscious. there are lots of ideas and reality that our conscious minds cannot absorb and assimilate so sleep provides a gateway to our higher conscious, to process discomfort or pleasure, or anything we don't (for whatever reason) face in our regular daily lives.

    i like that we almost do not have a choice of whether we get tired or not. sleep takes over, the uncoscious takes over. because something inside of us knows what is best for us. hence, sometimes we need more sleep. it is just natures way of creating balance in our life. so sleep! sleep and rain work wonders, the washing away, the cleansing.


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