Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bye bye winter

it has been a long time since I have talked about myself :D .. this week the.. college started , I was so happy to see my friends, the college itself and everything there !! 
first day it was so hard to wake up early :D.. but I woke up anyway at 6:00 am.
Do you know what's heaven ??? as far as i'm concerned it's Mosul in spring although the situation is not good but I feel soooo bored in repeating that the situation is not GOOD!!! As much as I love spring I hate it !! I have sensitivity against the changing of seasons ( changing of weather) I have sensitivity with nearly everything :D.. even the germix ( I guess you know it .. it's an antiseptic I can't stand even its smell) .. I have sensitivity with myself ,too :D:D
I have no many things to talk about , but I missed the blogging so I have decided to blog a little bit .. i wrote this post while listening to my FAVORIT band westlife.. i tried to enjoy myelf .. the practical exams are starting next week .. wish me luck .. and pray for me, plz> 
Stay safe:) 


  1. Good Luck!! Keep blogging! i really enjoy reading baghdad its still cold, bas sunny, and people are very happy to start college again... :) Stay safe too, and westlife... ;) i'm beginning to like them more. :D
    best wishes!

  2. Good luck and Allah wiyach dear :). I wish it was spring here....but what am I thinking we still have at least a month of winter, more than likely two :(.

  3. Touta,
    Thanks dear:).. it's still cold but becuase i'm Moslawia i find this time is spring :D..
    you know girl? i have 4 frinds they didn't like westlife .. when they knew i like their songs they became fans!hhhhhhh
    Thanks it's still cold here especially in the morning:)

  4. i had never heard of westlife but i was just listening to them on youtube. the Flying Without Wings song has a very country western rhythm and sound. they sound really good.

    spring is breaking here after some heavy rains which we really need as we are in the middle of a drought. but the buds are coming up in my garden. i love springtime.

    i will pray for you anyday! good luck and try to enjoy all the small moments in between as much as you can.

  5. Glad you are enjoying school again :-)

    I'll pray for the practicals.

    Do you have allergies that are affected by changing weather?

  6. sorry annie,
    oh, westlife ! i love their songs.. but unfourtunatly not all the people i know agree with me in that :D.
    thanks for your prayers

  7. sorry for what Iraqi violet? you are perfect in my world.


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