Tuesday, January 19, 2010

These Days!!

oh God !! how I hate exmas !!! they drive me crazy !!!
hazy >>lazy >> look like crazy !!!
i forgot the ID last exam , i think i've lost it !! the examiner refused to sign the papers without ID , but mercy came from no where to his heart and finally he signed them !!!

i study and study and study ! and in between 10 lectures and other i read " فوضى الحواس", a novel of my favourite author " ahlam mustaghanami"!!! there is nothing better makes me forget the blackness of my moments than reading  such a book!!

i play on facebook gmes almost  every day after study ??? are they worthy?!!?


  1. May God help you, and I wish you will do just well in your exams. put your faith in God and be sure everything will be all right.
    I am also reading فوضى الحواس currently, I read the first book ذاكرة جسد
    and I have the other book,عابر سرير
    I liked the books so much..enjoy it.

    and for the facebook game, I never play it, I can't cause I just hate it hehehe

  2. hey sweetie.. don't worry exam days make us all crazy..
    wallahi i feel the same way i have an oral diagnosis exam coming up and i'm chatting with my friends on facebbok and changing my status every two seconds!


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