Thursday, December 31, 2009


Under the rain , I walk with my best friend besides me ….
With her hand plaiting with mine ~
Putting the coat lid on my head … without un umbrella !
WOW! It's a fantastic scene !!
But my boot is made of shamwa'a so my socks  were wetted !! y3 disgusting feeling !
Today is the last Day  in 2009 , the "the full memories year" , I love it in spite of its ugliness , it has learned me a lot ~~~~ my God I don't know how I have got over them !
These days remind me of Erbil this last year ,It was so fantastic journey and it was the Christmas too,
I woke up this morning feeling of unexplained energy , wore my _gray _ white _gray clothes , and waited for the car …. After nearly a week of putting my head inside something called " Mcminn's atlas of human anatomy" , anatomy videos , and the body at the college … finally today I have passed the exam on , ya … I think I did it well …
My heart was beating so hard , and my stomach was cramping so loud  because of the stress … my memory brought me back to that last Anatomy practical exam,, with all of its persons  and faces ,,, with all its happiness and fear …….
Suddenly Elisa's song came to my mind …. "The endings  of winter _ awakher el shtaa"  , and I was about to cry !
Form this day on till 31 January I have  exams,,,,, I  pray they'll pass peacefully ….
Wishing you a wonder full year full of happiness and success …

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