Monday, June 29, 2009

Special Thanks Go To:

Baghdad dentist~~~~Khalid 
Monalisa~~~~زهرة االراوي
-and sorry if i forgot someone- 

For supporting me the hard last period....... God bless you all !


  1. Viola,

    I enjoyed my time commenting on your blog so I have to say thank you for giving me the space and time to interact with you via some honest words.

    Thanks Viola,

  2. هاي شنو ؟؟ صدك جذب؟؟ يمعودة كلشي مسوينا ..
    أفهم من كلامج أنها فرجت؟؟ ولو دتكولين آني طلعتج مخبلة بس يبدو استخدمتي طريقتي ونحجت :)
    إن شاء الله يكون ظني صحيح وتكون هاية حالة مؤقتة من اللي الكل يمر بيها حتة بعدين يشعر بسعادة الحياة اللي عايشها الواحد ..
    يعني حتى يشعر بالفرق ..
    الله يفتح عليج وييسرلج كل ما فيه الخير ويرضيك به ..

    عود لتنسين تقرين المقالة لأنها صدك تونس وكلها كلام صحيح .. أهم شي بيها لعب الرياضة وأكل الشوكولاتة :))

    تحياتي إلج

  3. dear violet..
    as George Eliot once said "What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?"

    ~ wishing u all the best

  4. Hello violet!!!!!
    it's been a long time since i visited your blog, nice changes :)

    some notes i have,
    you speak too much, you make me laugh so much and i love you so much, lol

    as i told you, everyone in blogsphere is cute, wonderful and friendly, and you will see , that the friends will be uncounted :) :) :)
    be safe violet and congratulations for the end of the year :) ;)

  5. Khalid,
    you were there and did support God bless you bro!

    شنسوي راح انعيشها للحياة بالشكل اللي يعجبنا أو لا

    شكررررررررررررررررررررررا قلبية الج

    God bless you dear, you were and are one of the best sister of mine here! :)

    Welcome back!
    and yes .. I talk here alot .. but in school i was the last one who was talking alot lol
    the period you haven't been here i experienced things... too many things and people ,distingushed the right from wrong!
    Thanks alot sweetie I love you too !


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