Sunday, June 28, 2009

The end of the longest, sweetest ,the full of adventures, the most beautiful year in my life~~

Began at 3-2/ November….. before a week I had visited the college for confirming my papers .

I hadn't known anyone at that time…. Like I'm lost in some place I have to spend the rest of my life in it……

Had very hard days at the beginning… with study… with everything…

After 10 days… it was my birthday… no one .. or let me say not more than 4 persons congratulated me ..

Laughed a lot………cried a lot ………..and what I have learned and knew this year is worthier than my entire life!!!!

I won't talk a lot ……..coz I won't make it worthy enough to  explain this year. which ended with  Michael Jackson's death :D:D:D …and sealed heavenly  by" take care , please!"

 need to read more about my life in college this year... check my "labels" 

God willing I'm going to establish a new blog,, I'm planning not to make it personal... as a diary of everyday life of Iraqi bloggers or even others... I primarily give it this name:" shako mako">>>"what's up"... :D ... waiting ur opinions....

i have just discovered there is a blog carries this name.. so i don't know till now:D 


  1. Viola,

    Welcome back and if you want to set up Shakoo Makhoo then you have my full support and I look forward to hearing more good news from you.

    A special Salam,

  2. Khalid,
    I'm sure you're gonna be there!
    Thanks for your kind person :)

  3. BTW,
    I made it
    يالله سولفلنا
    So I have no idea till now how it gonna be ;)

  4. فيولا حبابة نعم شوية شوية وراح تتبلور الفكرة وشكو ماكو

    موفقين انشا ءالله

  5. فيولا سلام شلونج؟ شكو ماكو بيش ملتهية؟ نشرت قصة الفختاية بس هي فصة حزينة
    الحمد لله اكو فبلها قصة مفرحة

    بعدين شنو رأيج بسامي المطيرجي؟

  6. dear violet..
    i can relate to your feelings..
    i have longly awaited for the end of this year to come.. it was the first time i ever lived away from my family -dental college is not available in my home city-
    ,,it started as a hectic year filled with homesickness and blaming dentistry for every drop of tear i cried,, and for every ounce of sorrow that weighed my heart down..
    yet today -the last day with my classmates- it dawned on me how much i will miss them and miss my life in jeddah.. and a sudden loss overcomed me and for the first time jeddah felt like my home!
    and now as I sit between my parents, eating my mother's famous carrot cake I feel a tang of homesickness for Jeddah!!!
    ~life can be so strange at times
    ~ wishing u all the best

  7. Awaiting your new blog with loads of anticipation!!

  8. Khalid,
    I read your posts, and i liked it so much :)

    I feel just like you... I feel surprised ... I'm so tired ... but i want to go back to college :D
    God bless you dear :)


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