Monday, September 06, 2010

A pore of grief

 U.S. Army report has said  that dogs which  are used in combat in Iraq ,have  developed symptoms of psychological disturbance following the trauma, which is similar to the symptoms suffered by U.S. soldiers when they return to their homeland ..

The dog  »Gina» was a model of what ails U.S army  dogs, serving in Iraq for quite some time , the task is  searching for bombs in the houses which exposed her to  see live  explosions, and fresh blood bleeding, the thing that affected her  psychological status ..

This has been a dog (Gina) - By United Press International - two years old when was sent  to Iraq, with mood funny  and ethics nice .. now after returning from Mesopotamia .. »Bozha Shirin» .. and refuses to enter the buildings and hides from people. .


Dog  «Gina» psychologically disturbed when they see the explosions .. What about those who saw the bodies of their parents in the mix of cement of their homes in preparation for the preparation of eternal orphan hood cake   .. Do they  suffer from any mental disorders now? .. Of course, the report did not mention   Iraqi children , because what «Gina» suffers and the others .. .. is because of them because of their liberty «teak Oe» .. Go to hell children of  «pipeline» Freedom ...


On behalf of victims of the B-52, on behalf of the martyrs of al-Rashid Hotel and its surroundings, on behalf of the widows of Fallujah, and Victims of Ramadi and Missing persons from Basra, on behalf of orphans enrolled chains of humiliation and oppression in the forgotten nursing homes, on behalf of Brunette mothers gowns  , on behalf of the crying on  glass of the home in alienation, on behalf of hungry people for their dignity, on behalf of blood mixed with the oil tanks on the streets .. on behalf of 25 million Iraqis wept tears of blood, sweat  from the pores of grief .. on behalf of all those .. We apologize to «Gina» and quasi -«Gina»  she  no longer «barks» as she   used to do .

Author: Ahmed Zoubi

Source: Rai newspaper Jordan

Translated to English By me

The original essay in Arabic :

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  1. Oh God
    They care more about a dog than the blood of Iraqis


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