Saturday, September 18, 2010

Highly cmmended #2

If you ever want to forget your troubling life , just watch a Hindi movie
and this one is highly commended ..
Aaja Nachle (Come to dance)
so as soon as possible , try to watch it!


  1. What? An Indian movie! Can't wait.
    ما أطيق أكمل خمس دقائق من البهاتة
    And you want to watch it?!
    I usually watch something old or Tom & Jerry.

    Enjoy the nonsense! lol

  2. Hello peace,
    its the innocence put in nonsense frame , I can see the history and the nature of India in every Indian/Hindi movie ,somethings in their history and traditions they don;t feel ashamed of!
    besides the funny , life loving stories insides those Bollywood movies,, all right this doesn't me I'm keen on watching Hindi movies all the time ..or interested in some stupid romance stories,
    but i respect everything with history .

    P.S: There is something called respecting /containing the ideas and feelings of others!
    "Bahata"?? for the God's sake !!

  3. Well, yeah India has a good nature but the poverty and famine are the biggest problems there?

    P.S: What do you mean in your note Miss Violet?!!!


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