Sunday, July 29, 2012

listen ..

While I'm Reading today a book(Dr. Gary Chapman –Five languages of love)  , An idea sparkled in my mind .. 
there are many people we live with , but we can't stand living beside them .. there is love indeed but there is nothing else beside it..there is no harmony !
we can find them once in our sadness and another during our cheerfulness and felicity .. but we can't understand what they really want and we all we do is surrender !
we reach a point that we are going to decide this is the end , and nothing going on but aversion and absence of harmony !
we have forgotten something pretty important , the language  that the other person need in order to feel he/she is loved .. 
Maybe the way we need different from others wishes in order to feel love and care .. 
art work by : Adam martikins 

this book as I see , is not dedicated to lovers and couples only  , it's a way of life ..

as I always say , there no book we can't get a better idea from it , these papers and ink have not put for nothing !
okay let's go back , Dr.Chapman says there is 5 languages of love, one of them is devoting time for whom we love , a man came to him saying he was an idiot , he was the cause of his wife depart from the house , he said .. she used to come home every day telling him her problems in work , he kept adviced her what to do and what to not , and each day the same scenario was repeated again and again , ended with his refusal to listen  for any more  of  same problems unless she does what he has told her , okay there is something missing he didn't get the message , she was seeking for support for listening not for talking and prejudujment ..!

we need to listen sometimes more than we talk , and sometimes other don't seeks us for advice , there is something more important ,, it's LOVE !


  1. We need to listen more than talk- yes! That's why God gave us two ears and one mouth.


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