Monday, July 30, 2012

The Tragedy of driving car

Am I so over in requesting my rights to go out and act like a respectable woman ?
The bad situations , you may ask something and whisper with your self ..what situation does she talking about for the God's sake ! 
a car of dreams - FJ cruiser Toyota
I prefer the red one :) 
and I may answer you , and frankly .. I don't feel safe to go out there alone even to buy potato chips from a near by supermarket ,so how do I expect my self to go to hospital for example or to visit my friend !
my family is always busy !! and I need some one with me .. - As I said I can't go out alone -!
I can take my mom with me where ever I go , But the really important I can't drive a bloody car !
yes , I can operate it , make some turns , but to drive it in street with these manic psychiatric people with 48ْC which drives them crazy !
one is putting a wet towel on his head , has no air conditioner in his  car !
other not using it because it consumes Benzene (fuel) with his Kia Cerato ..!
in my study I know very well weather and especially heat can affect human behavior, according aggressiveness:
American > Japanese 
southern american> northern 
Men > women 
women express their anger by other mean :) 
so How do I expect from some one doesn't act under his complete consciousness and who is under the tension of streets , heat , checkpoints and SO many traffic offences to deal with me as a lady in these circumstances ! ?  

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