Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hello again :)

Oh, What can I say !
I'm Back here , Finally .. At least for now ..
I wonder if you still remember me :)
I can't catch the point I should start talking with, I'm not sure what you have missed.
Today drained my power indeed, I was WOKEN up FORCIBALY from 5:40 am and till now with 2 hours of sleep and a journey across the borders of Kurdistan ..with out water or food and I must act as a good girl every minute , you know it's Ramadhan !
Wait ! have you ever thought  I'm not  always ? ;)
It was a  bunch of days  since I attend a surgical  operation for the first time of my entire life O_o .. It was a strange feeling , and I was just a watcher !
and in case you are wondering about my study , I passed this year  with GOOD results ;)
by the way I'm not familiar with  the new environment of blogger till now ! I hate it


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