Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I don't want to be the good one anymore ,  no one fears  the white heart sweet angel !


  1. Yeah, be a bad girl and start packing heat.

    And change your name to Sassy Mama or Love Buns...

  2. I simply can't... that wish was a SOS sent to My God to give me any way can live with it without shedding tears ... BTW ... i'm here and i will still Violet .. and Violet For Peace for ever :)

  3. Well Violet,
    I knew you could never be a bad girl :)

    It's just not you.

    And you have to be true to yourself.

    And it's better to get a big hug from all the angels when you go to Heaven.

    Although from a masculine perspective, bad girls can be fun in many aspects.

    But nice women can be just as fulfilling and will probably love you more. :)

    If it gets too over-bearing for you there, Violet, you should definitely try to further your education in the West.

    The world has enough Martyrs, and there's no need for you to become one by being stubborn. :)

    There's a fine line between being strong willed and foolhardy. :)

    And sometimes a fresh start in life in a different milieu is the best thing for us.


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