Sunday, May 01, 2011

Despair ! no no

What I'm seeing  in  the hospital is crushing  of feelings ,i wonder if i can get over it or NOT .. If i can  continue having hope or the disaster of despair is coming to reach me as well  !  I still remember that  woman moaning for his dead father whose soul's just left earth   , and that scream of  old women shouting of ketoacidosis !
I still remember that little girl looking at me , I can't  explain what was her look for .. but every time I recall it I become one step to cry !
I remember those astray  looks , those desperate feelings .. those tears !
Yesterday there was a bomb at nabi- Younis ( a neighborhood and an old souq in Mosul , site of the famous Jame3 (nabi younis ) ... 7 humans have been killed  !
I don't care who they are , what is  their religion and and nationality ! all I care about they are human beings and blood has been shed ! … woman has been widowed child has been orphan and a man has been killed !!
Next week – Tuesday is my final clinical exam in medicine , please pray for me to have a brilliant result !


  1. By becoming a doctor you are going to help all the innocent suffering people insha-Allah and you are making a big difference to your country!

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