Thursday, October 21, 2010

Disgusting pharmacology !!

OMG, I'm dread of tiredness  !!
This pharmacology is disgusting , today we had two lectures and it's all about ATROPIN and its colleagues :(( , my brain was about to explode and my eyes were about to jump from their place !!
Today , I laughed a lot with soso , she is my soul mate .. I love her more than any thing !
I miss my nephew , that little angel !! and miss his mother too :(
That session was exiting , the senior doctor  asked me to take history and to diagnose a patient  , inspire its  being very early for that coz we are just in the 3rd week of our practice , but I seemed very anxious , he read my eyes and asked me to do that in front of my colleagues and thank God I was very good :)
I can feel myself when I'm in the hospital , I feel I have purpose in this life , some aim I have to make accomplished this day or another to lessen people's pain ..

Pray for me :)

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  1. Are pleased to come to your blog to read your article! Thank you for sharing!


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