Monday, October 18, 2010

Wondering #2

Why the life is such a mean?
Why does the person have to transform many of his/her  principles and views in order to live ?
Why should he/she  have  many faces to overcome the people's scratching of their reputation ?
Why should he /she have to pronounce his/her religion in every word just to convince people she/he is religious and afraid of God (pious) while she/he is SO MEAN!!!
Why life has turned upside down , either I can't understand it , or it's so tough to understand!


  1. Hey habibti, Life is harsh. But the most comforting thought in the world is knowing that no one except God has the power and right to judge you. So do what you think is right, and whatever people want to say, let them say. It's YOUR life and nobody else's business


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