Sunday, November 07, 2010

Thanks !

Ah, my God !
Finally that black cloud vanished  from my sky !
My vital energy  has returned , and my love to life is knocking my door …
Thank you , God .. for everything !


  1. Hey, I'm happy to read this..I know it was a long time since I commented here, but what can I do? it is our busy life..I'm glad that you are ok, and feeling are still young, there are lots of things are waiting for you..don't use all your energey for small things, try to keep the best for the last...

    take care

  2. Micho,
    Very glad to see you here dear :)

    I always ask about you, and want to know what is going on with you .. but it seems you were recently very busy and not posting :(

    Yes, my dear ..
    there are many things to learn , the most important thing i love life again :)

    Thanks very much XxX


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