Friday, September 03, 2010

Magic bean

I love this song very very much, I even watch Bab Alhara just to see it on mbc, By it i remember all the childhood story of magic bean,which i used to read many many times when i was less than 6 years old... 
the song is about Eid and How you can give a reason to someone to feel happy in Eid, even if that some one was an ogre! when the childs give him the invitation card , there is some thing inside me prevent me to breathe..
it's like when you hear some thing makes you so happy and I bet all of you have experienced this feeling :)
well , Zain for communication has made this one 
Mama said , it's majda who sings ... but i said "mama, c'est un impssible!,Majda has higher sharper voice :)"
now you can down load the music itself CLICK HERE


  1. Well, I liked too it is nice and the woman who sings this song has a great voice and she is the same singer of Qatoora last year I guess.
    I like the ogre.. really. He looks sad!

  2. Yes, she is the same of qatura :)
    But this song has a special taste !
    till now , i don't know her name
    Ogre looked so sad ,but when he had become happy ,he held Lavender I don't know why :P

  3. Yes.. I think because he is going to visit them in their village.



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