Thursday, September 02, 2010

Ah, I'm so tired from speaking ,
if you just scroll the page down , you'll certainly have headache,It has been aweek since th last time i was here , so the stats is a new option , the post which has gotten the most audience is "about Dr.violet", so the readers here are not interested in what I'm speaking here as much as he/she is interested in knowing who am I really!

No one give a damn , and every one read and leave ..of course expect the faithful readers!
so I'm not willing in speaking too much , in fact i have nothing worthy to talk about but doing one of my favorite  hobbies : cooking ( you will see them later)
nowadays every one blames me for deleting my Facebook and being away form the whole internet, I keep giving them reasons which are not satisfying ..
well , maybe it was a hasty decision , but i  totally convinced by it !
at the same time i miss all the discussion i used to make , every thing i was sharing

Special cake made by me !
and all good friends i have known !
Chocolate cake made by me and my little sister

Pasta made by me at 2:46 am
it's so baffler issue to me ... i wait college to make me forget all those stuffs

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