Sunday, August 15, 2010

Memory of the corpus

Alright ,Nothing could make me cheerful but seeing my nephew and of course his mother ,

It's like yesterday when I first held him, and I noticed his strong personality since then !


Many time my friends keep telling me I'm always not satisfied withevery thing and every time , I don't know … I feel they are right , but I miss the appropriate environment !

I'm always keep saying , this is not my place I should act in  , it's not me here …

I feel is just my body here and the soul in another place

I don’t know what I was thinking when I asked my rearders "you" if have any information about good universities !

I feel so pushed some times !

Heard about 3 months ago about the series based on ahlam Mustaghanmi's big work "thakerat aljasad" , I can't deny I felt so anxious to see it but i was shoked by the series this Ramathan ., i feel it's  BORING
I see that I have more imagination when I read the novel , and I have the right to put the events and the personalities at the right place,

Feeling that the feelings in the series are so cold, there is something missing !, the senario is not written by Ahlam !

Although "Jamal Sulyman " is the one of the actors whom I love , he has a good "plane" personality which can fit many roles …but i feel he is not the right guy here!?

And Amal Bshousha

 the actress I have seen the first time , she fascinated me from the first look and I said at that moment

"المخرج خوش حياة كن لقى"


"the director did so well chosing this woman full of Feminine !!!"

She is like Hayat ( the one in the novel), in every thing .. her secret beauty , In her secret attractiveness ,her artfulness and her body color .. she is swarthy as Hayat !

By other phrase she is Hayat exactly !

but I 've heard she was chosed by Ahlam (the writer) herself , so I 'm not surprised then!and at the same time I've read she was competed in the T.V show that I have not seen a single episode of it " star acadmy" back then .,  and this point which I didn't favored …

Alright, you can read this ..


  1. أي فعلاً خوش حياة :)

    And it looks silly at the begining but the series is good now.

  2. mmmm peace
    she is really "KOUSH" :D

    Thanks for your comments


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