Friday, August 13, 2010

Need a help:please

It was a big change in my views .. ideas and plans since I've returned !

I'm looking for any way to get out of this damn place , feel I'm cursed or something !\

Spending all the day long in sleeping and I have nothing to do although I'm 20 years old!

I won't allow any body to steal my youth ..

And I won't let it be passed with ignorant people who don't understand how to live ..

And I'm looking for any GOOD university , uses English in education

But I don't prefer it exists in any Arab country

Dear readers …

Form all around the world

I ask you a help for the first time ..

Please .. if you live in a city has an internationally good university uses Englishand has a medical college , don't hesitate to tell me any information about every this I'm asked in order to study in it

You can send these information at :


Thanks A lot


  1. I think we are look like each other !
    Do you know how much time I spent dreaming about Harvard and Stanford?
    Do you know how I wished to get in a university out side Iraq? Or how long I spent searching about scholarships online?

    It sounds GREAT thing :)
    I'm a reader so I have an offer.. what do you think about Mosul University? LOL

    We need to talk a lot about it!

    And again.. DON'T MISS "ذاكرة الجسد" on Abudhabi!

  2. LOL!
    i've tried Mosul university and it's so NASTY!!
    with its people and everything

    I'm searching for any spot of hope that can ever get me out of this muddy marsh !!

    harfard and others are HUGE dreams , أكو مثل يقول على قد بساطك مد رجليك
    وانا اقول على قد امكانياتك والبلد الي انتي عيش بينو مد احلامك

    what universities you are searching for?, if you would like to share .. i think you've known the way how to tell me:)

    and i switched th T.V on abu dabi from 11:00 PM and now at 12:00 AM and there is no sign of ذاكرة الجسد!!!

    Thanks dear peace , keep in touch :)


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