Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Made In China

-With my great respect to this Great country called China-

China ! you are controlling the markets of Iraq ; the foods, the clothes, the drinks , the electronics, the spices of the Moslawis meals and even the Sijada(s) ,the hajis (pilgrims) bring from Mecca :D. can you believe it??!!

 maybe someday we are gonna see an Iraqi baby holds a mark on his neck written on it ( Made in China) ... hahaha

there is a  brand new Nokia mobile 5800 xpress music , Believe me it's fantastic!! here it's available but made in china -under a permission of Nokia company Finland- if you are interested its price 365 $ here and I think it can't get over than 390 $ in the US !

this is it   , coooooool ...right?touching screen and too many features!


  1. Hi Miss violet,i hope you are doing fine with ur exams.
    china is not responsible for that.its a big manufacturing country as others.iraqis brought those products because they are cheap and many ppl liked it.
    i know a dentist who supplied al-anbar with chinese laptops and communication sytems and other devices. he told me that chinese products are demanded in our market bcoz of the low prices and more profit we gain.
    you can see a japanese laptop not less than 1100$ while the chinese one abt 450-600$.
    in addition there are two kinds of same chinese products what they call it "bab awal" and "tijari".
    the whole matter is the responsibility and depedent on who imports them.moreover the government didnt impose certain rules for quality.
    study hard and good luck.

  2. most phones are made in china, including iPhone. it is because there the chinese government lets you put the people to work for 12 hours and pay almost nothing. and there is no strike because the government shoots who dare to do that so the production never stops.

  3. China has always lead in the markets, lol. I remember when I was a little kid I would ask my parents about China, because I would always see "made in China" on all my toys :)

    About the pilgrims...China is very restrictive with Islam and all religions. This is China's dark side. In the westetern Xinjiang province, the Chinese government limits the number of pilgrims who travel to Mecca each year, and they do so harshly. I believe I read a story in the New York Times about this...when I find the link, I will post it here.

    I hope everything is going well for you, Violet :D

  4. violet,
    maybe someday we are gonna see an Iraqi baby holds a mark on his neck written on it ( Made in China)?
    what a joke.
    However at least you are happy now a days(I guess).

    Thanks for asking I'm doing well thank God! yes, the cause is the greedy traders(dealers) and merchants who are here and in china , who just bring the cheapest and worst goods of course in order to gain pure profit for them, and they don't think about Iraqi people. and we must have a competent quality administration department for importing the goods that are worthy and don't allow the bad goods.

    Poor workers .. and they say there is democracy in the world !!!!

    I love China so much , in fact I dream to go to it and see the over- great culture and history.. and Japan it's another thing!! When I was a little child I was dreaming that someday I either learn the Chinese or the Japanese!! LOL.
    I wish Chinese pilgrims will be able (freely) visit Mecca someday

    May you let me tell you that your mind went so far away, I respect my religion so much ,and moreover it was a joke :D.. sad it was not funny, hhhh

  6. the products -the first time they are sold in the markets- are good and the next generation of them will become bad and that as BAGHDADENTIST said , is called ( Bab awal)... it's a result of the greed of dealers , too.
    BTW B.D. , I'm studying so HARD , believe me it the best hard it can ever be ,hhhhh

  7. Violet,
    hi me again,
    Obviously my mind went so far away because I come from a far-far away country.
    Even if I use 747 Airplane, it would still take me 9 hours non-stop flight from here to your place.
    Actually the misunderstood phrase was written by you not me !! As for me, I would rather want to see an Iraqi baby hold a mark on his neck written in Arabic.
    You love your religion ? so am I.
    Funny or not, it is still a joke. Especially if you know or had been in China.Which I did.
    Sorry though, for the unintended
    Thanks, anyway

  8. First of all, China is amazing and really praiseworthy country.

    "maybe someday we are gonna see an Iraqi ..."

    Hahaha let's hope he/she would not be with an FM radio built in. I can not understand why and how they put a radio almost in all their products. LOL

    Not all made-in-china products are low in quality . They have very high quality and still cheap products. They just make stuff as cheap as possible.
    So, they offer a wide range of quality levels and good prices and it is up to importers to decide what kind of products and quality levels they want from the manufactures. Setting down any restriction would be unhelpful and unwelcom indeed.
    We can't blame our importers, we can choose to buy or not to buy what we see.
    for me, I would not hesitate to buy any chinese product as long as it meets my need.

    Interesting post :)

  9. hhhhhh, Bookish .. they put FM radios and torches too . they know we have power problems here,lol.
    yes, u are right . China's people are great and there are too many Chinese products are really good !

  10. SOLYMONE, I'm sorry too for the misunderstanding . yes we love our religion and respect it , anyway it was not about the religion.
    and i believe China is a GREAT country.

  11. Hello
    I can Imagine how it feels if we have "made in chania" wriiten on our necks?
    this is funny..I liked it.
    I don't know why we don't have factories produce everything we want or we need?
    is it because we are a poor country? are we? no this is not the reason. I think it is because we don't have a good policy, we are not moving farward.
    China is a great country, at least all their products are all over the world, while only our oil is in the world, nothing else..

    GOD Have mercy on us

  12. Micho,
    (Chanch ib galbi )!!!
    yes, oil is what exported abroad! even the dates we import it from Saudi Arabia while we are the MOST FAMOUS producer of dates!!
    yes, we don't have good policy,YET. for managing the industry and the economy of Iraq.. i just can imagine that IRAQ would be one of the 8 greatest industrial countries in the world if it has had the good and efficient policy and not has been worn out by the CONTINUOUS wars

  13. Thanks B.D. Good luck for you ,too.:)

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