Thursday, January 15, 2009

Alittle change

Today was good, in fact was happy in spite of being so sick with cough and flue again , hhhh.

the day it was the family day , my sister was engaged . and I feel so happy for her :). 

Me ,these days  with some manifestations and situations :

1-low level of anemia ( which is referred to the lack of my nutrition)

2-the lack of nutrition refers to the stress and not willing in eating or doing anything :D

3-the stress is because I study and spend almost all my time in studying or in  studying :D.

4-the studying because I determined to be what I put in mind to be .

5-the one who I want to be is what I always dreamed of.

Okay there are  no more derivations , hhhhh.

I'm happy today and that's enough ! pray for me, friends that it'll not the only day I'll be happy in :D:D.




  1. hahaha, violet, you're so nice, that the flu is always choosing you...:D Get well soon, and congratulations to your sister!
    love, from your friend

  2. Violet,

    It is wonderful to see you are happy! That is always a good thing, and it is certainly a good thing for us, your friends :)

    BTW, I liked the picture of the seems very nice!

  3. thats all we need to hear,Glad to see u happy and
    congra for your sister.
    its just a period and u'll get rid rid of anemia,exams will be over soon.
    wish u luck :)

  4. I'm glad you're happy!
    Congratulations to your sister. It's like the engagement season these days!
    I heard of the engagement of over 3 of my friends in the last month; my cousin's engagement is today, and my best friend's after the exams.. It may be something in the air. Some people catch the flu, and some get engaged. Who knows! LOL

    Inshallah you'll do very well in the exams.. and your hard work doesn't go wasted.

  5. Touta,
    I don't know if the flue virus loves me or I love it :D!!!

    I recommend buying this phone !! I'm flattered by its features !!!


    hhhh, Anemia..
    My mom says to me you forgot even how and when human beings eat because of studying :D:D

    Oh, That means Mosul is full of engagements theses days.hhhh
    Congrats to your friend and cousin :)

    and thanks for all of you guys/girls , your comments really made me happy :)


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