Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Let the IMPOSSIBLE go to the hell!

We supposed to have a bio lab today's  morning.. but our lab was full of workers.. the situation of our college is horrible , moreover the dean of Mosul Medical college has been attacked near the college and I heard that his case is now stable in the hospital.. I HOPE he will be ok soon!

I woke up today at 6:00 AM .. after sleeping for only six hours.. I was studying bio the night before because we had an exam the day after (today :D).

then I arrived with my friends at the college; and as every day morning I go to the cafeteria for  having  tea .. although I had one cup in the morning with my family . :) … there are two students decided to leave our  college and go to their home cities to complete there  .. they said good bye to us and I felt so sad that they were leaving I don't know why. May God save them and I wish they will have good luck with their life..

I don't know how the Iraqi students are going to the colleges and study and you see them with very high spirit .. in fact the people of Iraq believe in one single thing " the damn be on the impossible , and let it go the hell !! " , if another country has passed the terrible situations and wars  that  Iraq has passed ; believe it ! it  will not survive, cuz Iraqi people the most determined people in the world and the bravest ones!.. there is nothing called IMPOSSIBLE for Iraqi people !! and me is one of them if one single breath in my lungs  is  left .. I'll do what I believe and make my country , even at least  my community and family are great and make them proud of me.

I used to be nice to everybody, girls , boys, men , women , old people .. no matter who they are .. that's why they love me , hahaha, never mind I'm kidding guys!



That time I heard someone of the family friends arrived from Germany.. he was talking about that great country and how are the people there. How  the human being there is highly respected . he was living in an apartment, one day workers with orange coats rang the bell and started taking photos ever where in the apartment.. he  wondered with astonishing … why??? They were from a construction company and  were ensuring that all the apartments of the  building are ok before they begin their work outside it in the street!!! While here in Iraq building falls on its habitants with one single explosion and no one cares  . another story , someday he arrived to his apartment and saw a card on his door , it contained Dutch sentences .. he asked one of his neighbors about it  and he said to him that they will cut off the water for one day so they were making  sure all the inhabitants have heard about the statement and taken  their provisions  before the cutting off. God!! Are they people and we are not?? Are they human beings and we are not??? Here the water is cut off for months in some places and nobody knows!!!!!! Here a whole family dies  because of  hungry cuz the father doesn't have work!!!!!! Why??? .. there is another story .. the hand making materials there are very very very expensive .. chocolates  made by someone there who pretends to make them by his  one hands and offer them for sell at the price of 200 !!! While here I have heard that someone  has the water ducts of his house were blocked .. he was looking for someone fixes them .. someone says I will fix them for 25 $ and other says he will fix  them for 30 $ but the last one offered to fix them for 2 $ !!!! that one asked him if he was sure about his offer .. but the latter said "take me  to your house!!" He started working not like any worker .. he worked from 7 am to 5 pm without taking any dinner or any food .. the one who hired him asked the worker " why the sky you are working that hard although  the money you will earn very little " , the worker said with bitterness " I have a family and children  have  never been fed for 2 days !! and I really want this 2 $ for buying them food" !!! you know what??? When I heard the one who told me this story saying that sentence my tears exploded from my eyes .. and I couldn't help it!!! .. at least the one who hired him paid the poor man  50 $.. God bless him !

These are only examples and there are too many sad stories like them in this deep  injured country  !!!



My exams will start at 3rd of January .. so I will be pretty busy , hahaha. Wish me Good luck and happy new year!!!



BTW, this post may contain  typing mistakes cuz I wrote it   with a rush :D:D   


  1. right violet, i feel so depressed when i see workers especially those poor ones and say"that's not fair"
    ,some are suffering of starvation and others even dont care or look at those people.
    and unfortunately we have a different kind of rights.
    iraqis are avery determined people,thats our magic stck that made everything possible.
    thanks for the great post.
    good luck

  2. Wow. Iraqis are such amazing people! Ace them exams! Given how smart Iraqi students are, Iraqi exams must be tougher than anywhere else in the world. :LOL:


  3. Thank you BAGHDADENTIST,
    it's really not fair.. but that's why Allah has created the strong , the weak.. the poor and the rich!!!
    Right? to help each other as human beings!!
    our magic stick can't be sold at any price! it is built in the Iraqis' blood,.. as the W.B.C !! hahaha

    Anand ,
    Oh!! our exams are already tough , hahaha and don't need to be tougher:D

  4. "that's why Allah has created the strong , the weak.. the poor and the rich!!!
    Right? to help each other as human beings!!"

    You are one perceptive woman. Yes, this is why Allah created us. He also divided himself into all of us so that He could love himself. Allah loves to love us!


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