Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Best Damn Thing

Avril Lavigne has a song that called "the best damn thing", from her last said sentence  album.  You know what? We all need  a best damn thing some times, if we want to do it and if we don't!! human being when he loses  hope and finds no way to express himself he goes mad , so mad .. and he becomes  ready to do anything in order to say what he wants even that may be the last thing he does.

There are a lot of " best damn thing"s in our life, first… the  wars and other genocides that may be done in order to have peace, or to stop another war ; a bigger and more dangerous war. It is a WRY thing actually. How can a war stop killing people??!! , how can  a war make a place of earth better???!!! How can a war arise the economical situation of a country??!!! , anyway! We don't know  the answer of these questions actually.. these are uncontrolled things and they happen from the ever.

Greece  ; the ancient Greece .. as we know it's the first place on earth that had acknowledged democracy . as(( the  people rule of people  for the sake of people)) ,from the latter statement we see that people have the control and any one can say and do anything he wants because democracy can support him with that, but what we had there that the villeins and the slaves did not have the right to show what they want for public ; cuz they were not allowed to do this!! And then in that regime ; for example ..if a woman from the nobles had done a crime  ..was not punished or judged as anyone … one of her slaves should have had the punishment.. imagine!!.. this happened and happens so much in every where .. the poor and the weak had and has no right to speak or say anything.. the strong has the ability to do what he desires and whenever and however he wants to do it.

We say that there are rules that control the planet ,and everyone should have his rights… so let's focus a little bit here, imagine there are two people waiting at the borders of a country or at airport .. the first is well dressed and high level educated or looks like he has a lot of money.. and the second is the bad dressed and looks like poor.. the two has problems with the government that they are going to enter or  someone shouted "there is a thief here"   .. the security there ; with whom  they will deal  by a better way, the poor or the rich and powerful!!??  And who will be accused of the theft  ??!! the normal answer will be  the poor looking man , it's a priori thing of human nature.. the poor from the ever has no rights .. and the weak has no power to speak ; it's the nature of the  life .

And let me give you another example; there are two pupils in a school. One of them is from high educated and well-being family, and the other from a poor and non- educated family. One of the pupils there told the teacher that there is one who has stolen his  bag. The teacher made investigations ..who will she accuse first  of your opinion?? (even if the rich lad was the thief).. unfortunately that is the truth .

No rights for poor people.. that exactly what was happening in middle ages . the kings and the nobles had every thing .. and they used to attack and get everything they want from the villagers and peasants.. it's the rule of the strong .. even it exists in the animal and planet kingdom .. the lion can prey the other animals and the weak hyena arrives at the end and eats what the loin has left!.. it's how the world is going .. nothing can be changed  


After talking for a long time  I want to say a temporary Good-bye to you , cuz I will be unable to post for a while .. I will have examinations so soon .. so wish me good luck :)



  1. Wow, really make me think with your posts :)

    I think you are right--we should NEVER judge anyone because of their class, their race, or what they do for a living. Everyone should have the same rights, and it makes me angry when scenarios like the ones you mentioned actually happen!

    I especially don't like when Muslims are targeted because of this. Just think of all the innocent Muslims and Arabs who are looked at suspiciously by very ignorant people in the West.

    I believe the world is a good place, but it does have its problems. We need more Violets in the world, haha :)

    Good luck on your exams!!!!

  2. I am going to miss you violet!
    Hope you do the very best on your exams and study, and i agree with your post. Sometimes i just stop thinking about it, because my head starts to hurt. hhhhh.
    lots and lots of love from baghdad,

  3. Hey, study as hard as you can, we'd be glad to see you one of the top first students.

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  5. C.H.,
    Thank you, i'll be sure to be the Violet who i always used to be ... and The trying Violet who tries to make the world a better place although it has its certain problems as you said ..
    THANK YOU Touta.. i'm gonna to miss you , too ...
    so nice of you to say so:)... i'll study as hard as i can

  6. It is like a wonder to share information from a place far-far away like Iraq.
    Sometimes I wonder , a war-torn place like Iraq or Mosul for that matter have a magical voice like Violet.
    Like a peaceful voice from the frontier of heaven.
    Possibly it is the truth that you Violet Are ‘ The Guide Who Lights Up the Dream of the people of Iraq thru the present Darkest Times’.

    Keep on writing and Assalamualaikum from Malaysia

    Thank you so much.. If the good people of Iraq won't built it again .. who will built it then ???
    I'll be happy to continue writing ...
    Thank You again...
    And Alsalaam Aleikum from Iraq..


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