Friday, September 19, 2008


        The man from the first creation and he is always in a infinite search and need to find people stand next to him with all his life problems..and human being as many of good human beings tries to help his brother(not necessarily his brother but his friend and so on) and to stand next to him especially when he cares about him.. and tries to help him by all means…but that as I see not give him the right to support him in everything that he does or says, especially when he does something that is not suitable to the nature of humanity or out of his community's traditions.
Sometimes the person feels himself alone, it does not mean that there are no people around him or with him; but alone that nobody can understand him ..or he doesn't feel that there is someone assimilates his thoughts or feelings..and how happy he becomes when he finds someone that understands him very well and shares his feeling and thoughts with him. He can trust him , tell him his problems and he can share his knowledge with him. And the other person as a reflection of an act he tries to find solutions to his problems…but there are people don't know what the well-being is and one of them tries to exploit his feeling and make him feel that he cares about his problems , in fact they want their deviation..maybe this is their nature.

The one maybe he finds himself different from others and he had not been created to live where he lives or with whom he lives with. and maybe he suffers to death that people can't assimilate his thoughts and feeling or even his speech.
I think that is very hard feeling when someone doesn't feel that there are people who are ready to stand beside him or even try to share him the same thoughts.
From my own base I think that is every person should try to find the proper one-the proper friend- who feels that he cares about him and tries to help him in order to find soul peace and then try to live in peace with each other.
And sometimes people who carry such problems even think that all people try to get badness to them after the lost their trust with all people even the closer ones to them .imagine what dolor you are going to suffer that you can't tell your problems and pains to whom you like, it's a very hard feeling and even it's the cause of the deviation of many people and make them find many ways to get over that hard and painful feeling.
Why just we try to to assimilate the others especially people who need care and help; has the human reached a point that he can't think about these things and consider them serious??!! Has he lost the pity and mercy which they are the most beautiful feeling and gifts from our God???!! Have his problems become so complicated that he can't think to find a solution to his brother or friend's problems??!!
Any way it's hard to make the one do thing that he doesn't want to do especially the care and heed of someone that is not suitable to his interests or even his ethics, but how happy am I when I see a person has helped another and tried to get him out of his worry. God bless that good person and make many people like him on this beautiful earth.


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  1. Friends are always there for each other, like you say in your post, violet. They can listen to problems and give hope...even light up the darkest situations :)


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