Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cholera in this century??!!


We are now in the 21st century as I know and see. Everything has developed to the better way in most of world's places .diseases … serious diseases have been handled .and necessary inoculations have been found for them, clear water..Electricity... and all the necessary services... the citizen in these places -I mentioned- can't imagine himself live without these things, but with sorrow the citizen here even can't imagine himself having these things without need or lack..
Before a couple of days I heard from news something that saddened me very much..That cholera has spread in some cities of Iraq .and with sorrow the victims of this disease are now more than 60 .and all these casualties because of lack of clear water and pollution..
Imagine one time I saw a report in the news how people in some of these villages are having (taking) their water, My heart broke with dolor when I saw them drinking from water that is full of dirties and mud …what they would do…-I think they will never die from thirstiness – even this water is not worth for bathing or other uses (except drinking).in addition water doesn't come to some of these villages in summer, Imagine that in the country of two rivers(Bilaad al Rafedien)..

This is except the patient who (if not killed by an explosion) will die in some hospitals because of lack of necessary treatment and good services..It is not because of underachieving of services of medical staff; contrarily they are doing huge efforts that they are thanked for very much; but it is because of lack of care of these important pillars of every developed community (I mean hospitals, clinics …..) Which must have a certain and serious care immediately.
Imagine I heard many times that some people died after they entered a hospital for treatment, that generally because of pollution and dearth of medical installations.

God bless us all and give us his infinite mercy and kindness
Be safe...

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  1. I wish more people could read this.

  2. OMG!! may god bless our people and save everyone.
    Violet, i liked your post so much, you are going to be a great doctor inshallah.
    sweetie, I'm sorry for my so few comments. as you know, I'm so busy with my homework. just like you last year. haha
    ok, may god bless you sister, and learn you are always always on my mind and in the middle of my heart.
    Be safe..


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